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First play date without me

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curlytoes Thu 06-Oct-11 15:18:54

So right about now my son is heading off on his first playdate without me. He is being collected by the other Mum straight from school and all being well I'm going to collect him at six. Is it normal to take a small thank you gift when you collect your child or just to repay the favour so to speak? When I have gone for a coffee/ chat playdate with DS I've always taken some biscuits or such like and just wondered what the done thing is now he's going it alone.

Ps if anyone has any spare fingers to keep crossed for me that he behaves himself I'd be grateful!

marabella Fri 07-Oct-11 14:09:58

Hi Curlytoes,

I would say the most common thing to do is to just repay the favour (dont give a thank you gift as the parent then might feel she/he has to bring one for you next time) Just say thank you and say when your DS can have his friend over next

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