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Perfect job, full time or settle for less perfect job with family friendly hours? WWYD?

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LowLevelWhingeing Mon 03-Oct-11 14:28:02

I have recently gained a professional qualification and have been launched into the job market. Unfortunately, I couldn't have timed it worse and there is massive competition for the few jobs available. sad

I have an interview for my ideal job in a great team, but it's full time and I had wanted part time/job share while my kids are youngish so that I can be around for some school runs, homework etc.

The alternative would be to take a part time job in an unqualified position, but then I worry that I'd be 'out of the game' and would struggle to gain a qualified position in the future.

So, WWYD? Take any old job? Focus on family-friendly? Focus on getting a job in the ideal field? aaaaaaagh!

DizzyKipper Fri 07-Oct-11 15:22:29

Go for the interview. You'll be in a better position to decide what to do if and when you get the job. In the meantime continue applying for any and all jobs you consider appropriate - whether they be relevant to your qualification or not.

Trills Tue 11-Oct-11 23:13:12

Definitely go for the interview and see.

If they offer you the job you could enquire about reduced hours, or about working 5 days' worth of hours over 4 days.

MidsomerM Wed 12-Oct-11 13:48:14

how old are your children?

LowLevelWhingeing Wed 12-Oct-11 14:16:45

Thanks for the replies y'all.

I went for the full time, ideal field, job interview, thinking I didn't want it. Then didn't get it and felt totally gutted! sad

(My kids are in reception and yr 1 Midsomer)

I think not getting this job has really shown me that I do want a job that fits my skills and knowledge and in the current climate, I would be lucky to get anything really. I think I really do need to feel fulfilled and happy at work...

But then DP says to me, "but you want part time!"

DP also works away a fair bit, so that's a consideration too.

I guess, it's a moot point at the moment anyway as there are no other jobs on the horizon for me just now. AAAGh.

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