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Giving up work - tightening tge purse strings

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MoreThanJustPatience Wed 21-Sep-11 14:55:06

DC has special needs. Currently I'm struggling mentally/physically..
Working part time that requires more hours than I have, completing a degree so that I can change jobs (3-4 years away), completing all the therapy/SN paperwork, trying to give attention to my DCn incl. Homework etc.

Should I give up working where I am now and concentrate on the rest of it.

It means no holiday, no social life (I don't mean going out but talking to adults), cutting back on anything we can find etc. But then I'd get my course done, could do more and finish sooner, give the DCn time, house would be in order (tidy!) And I wouldn't be so stressed. I could also volunteer on occassions at the local school if they'd have me

Ideas, opinions.. thanks

countydurhamlass Wed 21-Sep-11 20:31:30

Wow you just sound like me, i could have written what you have! I know exactly how you feel. i have about two years left on my degree which i am doing through Open University an i work four days a week, i have a hubby who works away all week and a ds aged 8 with special needs and a medical condition. i actually found myself crying in bed a little on Monday night because of sheer exhaustion. Had a good night's sleep last night and now ok. my life at the moment is literally Monday-Thursday, - get up dressed and out the house, drop ds of at parents house, go to work, lunchtime is shopping or studying then home again at 5pm, pick ds up and go home, ds' homework, housework, tea, half hour chill watching tv and being on here then studying and bed. Friday is ds to school and then housework and studying and then DH comes home on a Friday night. saturday is shopping, more housework and studying and Sunday apart from making sunday dinner we all tend to chill or have a family outing!

i do think that if i gave up work then i would lose my marbles! going to work actually gives me a break from rushing around non stop and gives me a bit of a social life. it's sad i know. i am considering seeing if i could drop a day to work three or look for another job. another option is seeking if work would allow you to take a month off unpaid? that way you could see if you could manage

MoreThanJustPatience Fri 23-Sep-11 20:48:56

I don't think it would be so bad if I still enjoyed my job but I can't stand it any longer. I am sooooo so close to handing in my resignation on Monday.

I'm like you - up, kids to breakfast club, into work (I don't get lunch in order to be able to work the hours ive picked) then its home, pick-up kids from school, then try and get the homework done which is almost impossible as DS has ASD & ADD - thats a battle in itself.

Until fairly recently I was logging into work inbetween stuff with the kids/home and then in the evening about 8 until 11pm/1am. My type of job isn't something you can do part time, no matter how long I've been part time (10 years!) nor how much I tell myself I can. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy doing a job where additional hours are required at home but 'my' current job needs more than just homework - its client facing!

Now that I'm doing the OU degree thats most of my evenings taken and when I'm doing my assignments, a whole weekend - early till late.
Then all the paperwork and school chasing for statementing, clubs, general therapies.

DH has said I can give up work, I just need to show him where we can cut costs and ensure we'll be happy with a tight budget and cancelling next years holiday (already booked!)

I'll be quite happy sitting at home for a couple of month to recoup, then getting the house in order, getting everything else sorted and going into the village school and helping out.

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