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Have been asked to take photos....

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chirpchirp Tue 16-Aug-11 19:41:43

A few months ago I bought a DSLR camera and have been having a great time learning to use it taking lots of photos of my DS. I have put a few photos up on Facebook and a mum I know through a baby group (so not a close friend) has asked if I could come and take some professional (!) photos of her DS and asked how much I charge. I replied and said thanks for the compliment but I am by no means a professional photographer but would be happy to take photos of her DS anyway. She replied to say that would be great and asked again how much I would charge her.

Now if it was a close friend I wouldn't even consider taking any payment and I feel a little uncomfortable about charging this lady because as I say it is just a hobby, but at the same time there is part of me that thinks statutory maternity pay isn't a huge amount and a few extra quid would really help. So WWYD?

HangingGarden Wed 17-Aug-11 17:39:56

Could you suggest she makes a donation to your favourite charity?
If she really likes the photos and it looks like you could start doing it as a business/sideline, then consider what sort of rates you could reasonably charge. If you just take the pix and give her the files by email it won't have cost you much more than your time.

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