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What to do about childcare?

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smellimelli Wed 10-Aug-11 11:06:13

I'm due to return to work in Nov and am dreading it. I wanted to go back 3 days but have been refused. I have always said that I didn't want DD going to nursery until she was at least 2 (I know others feel differently but just the way I feel). This is just based on the fact that I think she is little and vulnerable!

My parents (who leave really near) have offered to look after DD 5 days a week. They are fit and healthy but I'm worried it will be too much for them. They brush it aside saying they'll cope and they are anti-nursery until DD is older too (maybe where I get my idea from?).

Anyway, being pragmatic, I have been to see two nurseries. 1 was horrible but the other was quite nice. LO could go 2 half days from 8-1. This would give my parents a break but I'm still meh about leaving her in a nursery.

Any experiences/WWYD?

An0therName Wed 10-Aug-11 19:12:27

what about childminders - have you been to see any? that would be more home based, and only one personally and personally I am happier with it for babies. I think 5 days a week is a lot for GP and having another childcare provider - in case of for instance illness is a good idea
also there is an appeals system if you have been turned down from a formal request for flexiable work which might be worth looking in

umf Wed 10-Aug-11 19:29:10

I'd make a fuss about the part-time thing.

Then I'd be wildly grateful to GPs for saving me so much money and giving good care.

And also book for those two mornings, because it'll be fun and stimulating for LO and a break for GPs. And if GPs get too tired, you've got a foot in the door if you need to ask for more hours.

But what will happen eg when GPs want a holiday?

smellimelli Wed 10-Aug-11 20:17:18

I've put in 2 appeals for pt, both turned down. Then 2 informal requests were granted and turned down the next day- it's caused me so much stress, sleepless nights and tears. But now I have resigned myself to the fact that yes, my boss is a total twunt.

I'm a teacher so GP have said that they will holiday in the school hols.

Not sure about childminder- do they have older children with the babies?

An0therName Wed 10-Aug-11 20:34:06

they can have one baby under 1- and normally 2 others under I think 5 - its works well as I think of it as a more family atmosphere -has to be the right person of course
then some do school pick up so would have school children around - they normally make a fuss of the little ones
but you would have to meet some to see if its for you - quite a few would be happy to do term time only as well
oh and will your parents take LO to groups as that can be easier than entertaining them at home - once they are walking anyway! and it mean DD meets other children

babytum1 Wed 10-Aug-11 21:09:06

I returned to work after a year of maternity leave with DS and had the whole childcare dilemma. With no family nearby my only choices were nursery or childminder. I looked at 2 nurseries, one great and one not so great. I spoke to people about childminders in the area but the only reccomended one was full (I think they can only have 3 children under 2).
In the end we went for the good nursery with the view that I know where DS is all day (hated the idea of him being driven around in someone elses car, or be out places where I didnt know exactly where he was). He is not alone with one adult behind closed doors, he is with a few adults all the time so if there is a personality clash, plenty of other adults/children about etc. As DS was one year by the time he started nursery and could walk i felt that he was old enough to move around and be where he wanted to be within the nursery room. Would'nt have wanted him starting nursery any earlier than one.
I would have loved the opportunity for GP's to take care of DS, had this been an option I would have taken the offer but still booked a couple of nursery sessions as I believe it's great for kids to socialise with others from an early age.
So far our nursery desision is working out well, I know DS is in a safe, stimulating environment while I am working - he is always playing happily when I come to collect him. It is reliable, good quality care. A happy balance between nursery and GP's could be a great situation for your LO.

smellimelli Thu 11-Aug-11 15:12:14

Thanks for the info about childminders. Babytum, I know exactly what you mean about DC being driven round by someone else and not knowing where they are. I think for that reason, despite the positives of CM they are not for us.

After pondering and listening to your views, I think I'm going to book the 2 half day sessions. We'll have a few "tasters" so if it really doesn't work I can think again.

Thanks for all your views, it has made me feel better!

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