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I don't quite know why I'm so upset or how to get over this

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redexpat Wed 27-Jul-11 23:28:47

When I was a student and recent graduate I was very involved in the labour party, did young labour and interned at Westminster for my local MP. I moved to Denmark and joined the youth section of the same party, although haven't done very much at all due to other commitments.

The events in Norway last Friday have really upset me and I'm still upset. Not so much the bomb in Oslo but the shooting at the young labour summer camp. I don't know anyone involved and only visited Norway once. I never got upset over the 7/7 attacks, despite knowing people affected and knowing London.

I am 30 weeks pregnant so willing to accept that the hormones aren't helping, but don't think that's the cause. My DH is away until Sunday and I don't really have anyone else I could talk to about it. I don't know anyone here well enough, not even those from Labour. My ILs are all fans of the far right parties so I don't really want to discuss it with them. I've also been quite upset by the lack of acknowledgement from my UK Labour friends. This party is supposed to be big on international solidarity - yet none of them have put anything on FB (OK I know it's FB but it is the main way I keep in contact with them) and there are lots of groups, profile picture stickers etc

I don't watch the news here (prefer to read a sunday paper which didn't get delivered this week) so it's not like I've been swamped by media coverage.

Anyone got any useful advice or insight? Would be much appreciated.

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