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To not really want to go?

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xkatyx Mon 25-Jul-11 16:37:48

Hi everyone,

Me and my friend were pregnant same time her baby is 4 months younger than mine.

Few days after having my baby she asked to borrow my maternity clothes, coats, Doppler. And some love but rather expensive dresses and small heel shoes.

I happily sorted them out for her that day and passed them on.

Fast forward 4 months when she has her baby and I found out I was pregnant again smile after not really getting rid of my baby bulge and finding out I was having TWINS I already looked pregnant!

So about 3 weeks after baby was born I asked her for my maternity clothes back and all others and I didn't want to buy bigger clothes to cover my flabby tum.

She said she was far to busy with the baby to sort anything out and also asked me why do I want it back?! So I basically replied what I said above that all my maternity stuff were long tops and perfect to cover the flabby tum.

Fast forward to last week 4 months on proper pregnant tummy and no clothes also have 3 social events comming up and really wanted my dresses back, so again I asked for them back ( have been asking atleast twice a month)

She said she was to busy as they were going away for a week.

To which I replied I need them and want them back.

Went to pick them up Thursday thinking brilliant sorted to only find my dresses coat shoes Doppler missing.

Again I asked for my stuff told her I'll be back around later and she wasn't in!
I got so annoyed she got a snotty text and said to come over again and she will get it.

So I did!!! When I got home my dress was wrapped around my shoes and all the lace was torn on it, shoes had chewing gum all over it and was stuck to another dress, Doppler with no gel! And my coat the cost a fortune covered in bleach!!

I tried calling no reply so I sent a text saying how pissed off I was etc! She said she wanted to try and fix it etc.

I have just about had it to be honest and she has her sons christening soon ands I really don't want to go but can't get out of it!!!

So annoyed

Sorry for the long post


Deesus Mon 25-Jul-11 21:14:03

That's awful! How close friends were you before all this? She's acting appallingly shock

I'd maybe phone her and calmly say you've already spent a lot of time chasing her for your property. Work out the cost of the items she damaged and politely ask for it back. Don't hold out much hope tbh....think i would avoid her (and the christening)!

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