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work or not work.

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leroymerlin Wed 13-Jul-11 20:16:34

I have read threads on being a SAHM and going out to work mum in the past but never really appreciated what a gut wrenching decision it can be.

I have really valued being a SAHM with my two (3 and 1) but yesterday got a teaching post, (as OH didn't have a job for Sept) but hurray today he did! We don't have a house and would like to save for a deposit but obviously can't do that while it is only him working.

Tell me, how do you cope working with little ones? I just can't seem to see what I should do? It would be 4 days a week, early starts. Sensible advice very much needed. Thanks.

omaoma Wed 13-Jul-11 20:22:41

Will be lurking on this for advice myself! But I would say - GET TO BED BY 11PM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. don't fall into the trap of thinking 'oh i'm back into my working life, i can sit up late watching tv/doing shit on the computer/drinking wine'. Don't let yourself duck under the minimum tlc you need to remain healthy. It's so easy to get knackered and start cutting corners. But I find every minute of lost sleep and every ounce of alcohol and every missed vegetable/glass of water in the day seems to hit me with x10 the force now i'm a working mum. the sleep debt of going to sleep at midnight for a week actually makes me ill now... just don't have the stamina/energy any more. of course you may be a lot fitter and more healthy than i am!

Parietal Wed 13-Jul-11 20:23:58

You have to love (or at least like) your job.

maypole1 Wed 13-Jul-11 23:32:01

To be honest my Sil found out to her bemusement the amount of money she pays out for a many every week she only actually comes home with £300 per months so you don't actually save any money even if your paying a nursery your Stijl looking at a grand a month btw my Sil is a lawyer nanny is £500 per week she has twins

We keep asking her why she brothers they have less spare money than we have and my h is a nurse

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