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DP and smoking.

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RoseC Fri 24-Jun-11 15:48:40

Was going to post this in AIBU but I'm going away and can't check replies until Sunday, so here it is C&P:

DP and I made a pact (admittedly at my suggestion, but he agreed with seeming enthusiasm) that I would get some more exercise in exchange for him giving up cigarettes.

Yesterday he didn't smoke and I was so happy and thanked him. He came home five minutes ago reeking of smoke and breath mints. How stupid does he think I am?! He's done this before then been surprised when I can smell it hmm Seems yesterday wasn't him making an effort, just him not fancying it, whilst I have been plugging away trying to lose weight.

We're about to go away for the weekend (I should be packing) and I don't want to start with a fight and I hate sounding like a nag but I'm just so annoyed.

AIBU? None of his friends smoke - it's something he does alone at work. I have never smoked (I have no willpower and don't think I'd be able to quit). But he had quit before we met and started a year ago following a family bereavement. Should I stop asking him to quit? He smokes so heavily (outside the home) that it's hard to brush off. Have any of you tried tactics that have worked with your DPs/DHs/relatives? I'm beginning to get a little sick of it.

RoseC Fri 24-Jun-11 16:00:48

Sorry, I meant to add please but he came into the room so I hit post.

I just asked him why he doesn't want to quit in a calm, adult voice (and prefaced it with 'can I ask you a serious question please?') and he just grunted then ignored me. I asked if he was ignoring me, he said he was thinking... five minutes later when I asked if he was still thinking what to say (we were in connecting rooms doing different things and English is not his first language) he said he was thinking about the work he was doing.

I had sort-of calmed down... now fuming again. Even if he thinks I'm being a bitch he should just say something, not just ignore me.

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