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Going out with friends for my birthday this weekend

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Curiousmama Tue 21-Jun-11 12:29:21

There's a few of us going out for a ladies night this weekend. It's stripper, drag act ect.. held in local hall. Some friends are travelling from my old town. I now live in a large village and as comes with the territory it can be a bit clique and gossipy. Back in my old town this wouldn't bother me but as I haven't been here long am a bit worried about this night out. One friend who's coming loves to attract attention. She's almost 50 and planning on wearing a very short dress and said she'll be all over the stripper. We plan to go in the local pub afterwards and I just know she'll be all over the men there. She is set on this being her night. Another friend said to her 'you do realise it's CM's birthday not yours don't you?' She said oh yes but I'm going to have a ball. There's a local girl coming with us too but she's from a town originally and very broad minded wink
I've dropped hints to voyeuristic friend about hoping it'll be a good nigt etc.. and also hinted maybe there'll be enough entertainment without the dance she has planned hmm

So should I just let her get on with it? Or would you say something? Thing is I don't want her to feel she can't relax. It's so difficult.

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