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To be worried that my child is being left out?

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pinklaydee Mon 06-Jun-11 17:02:20

Yes, I am being over anxious, I know! But this is weighing on my mind. My DD is five, in primary one, and is a lovely, sociable girl. She really looks up to another girl in her class. However, I have noticed that the other girl excludes my daughter when she asks to play. She told me that this girl has started a "cool" club, and she told my DD that she wasn't allowed to be in it. My DD said that she just plays with other children and didn't seem bothered by it. There are a couple of other girls I have noticed who won't let her play either.
I was very shy at school, and had few friends, so I am probably being over-sensitive. Obviously I am biased, but my DD is a really nice and caring wee girl.
I'm friendly with this girl's mum, should I mention it or not?

peanutbutterkid Thu 16-Jun-11 20:11:36

mmm... if the other mum is really a friend I'd mention it. If other mum is merely an acquaintence I'd keep quiet. This is the start of many ups and downs, status situations that can change almost daily, I'm afraid to tell you.

notnowbernard Thu 16-Jun-11 20:16:47

Personally I wouldn't say anything either (unless you know her in a 'proper' friendly way)

I'd simply give loads of positive reinforcement about your DD playing with lots of different people

It's normal to have 1 or 2 close friends, it's also normal to play with different people on a day-to-day basis...

MUCH better that your dd isn't in the 'cool club', IMO!

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