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still struggling after 10 yrs

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whatshappened Wed 01-Jun-11 23:00:30

sorry if this long it has been bottled up for many yrs.

when i was 14 i was (what i call) raped by my then boyfriend we were in a non sexual relationship sex was never mentioned we hadnt even kissed.
it happen when i had stupidly fell asleep on his bed with a room full of our friends, i woke up to a pain down there and saw him on top of me half naked and i was half naked too,he then jumped off and laughed and handed me my knickers. i then grabbed my clothes and put them on and ran home i was to embaressed to tell my grandparents that i live with about it .
the next day i went and told a friend and asked her to take me to get the MAP. when i got to school the teaches caught my skipping and callen me into the offfice and i had to tell them they then called grandparents and told them i was then seen by police and then i moved away from my grandparents and lived with my mum as the boy lived in same street.

it never went further and i dont know why im to embaressed to ask gps why,

i thought i had got over it and got on with my life i have a lovely dp and 2 gorgeous dc but it has just hit me like a brick .

he is now on facebook and now has a wife and 3 dc 2 girls and i so want to ask him why he did it and why he had to ruin my life and hurt me so bad i had to move away from my friends and family at the point of life when i needed them most why cant i get past this and how i dont want it to ruin anymore of my life .

HughManatee Sun 05-Jun-11 16:37:53

So sorry sad If you post here, you'll probably get some helpful responses, as the Relationships threads are busier.

I wish I could offer advice, but have no experience of this. ((Hug))

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