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Baby offered 'contract' with model agency

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scarecrow22 Tue 31-May-11 21:13:21

DD - 5mo - as been offered a 'contract' with one of the specialist 'model' agencies; a bit of a joke at that age, but you know what I mean!
Like all those agencies (I think), they take an up-front fee to appear on their website. They point out it is not in their interest to fill the site with unsuitable babies, however of course she might never be offered work. The agency is long established and appears reputable: Elisabeth Smith Ltd. If she earns any money it would be either to take more time off work to spend with her, or to save for uni/training fees etc..

Do fellow Mumsnetters with experience of these agencies (and this one in particular) have advice about whether we should pay the fee?

Also, she is a happy, sociable baby, and we figured if she didn't enjoy it she would simply not get booked. However can it be stressful, or can you mitigate that?

Finally, how do people feel about the idea that photos of their children can be seen by anybody?

DH thinks it would be fun, but I am torn... Thank you.

RunsWithScissors Mon 06-Jun-11 19:50:52

I saw a segment on BBC breakfast a while back about child/baby modelling. Iirc the agency rep said that you don't make huge amounts of money. You'd need to basically get an incredible contract for that. If you want to do it for fun, that's great. Don't think its a moneymaker though :-)

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