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worried about woman with children

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Lucifera Tue 23-Nov-10 16:54:54

A woman got on my bus just now, with 4 DCs, youngest under 2 I'd say in buggy, two aged perhaps 4 and 6 who went upstairs, and oldest around 8 or 9. Woman had a bit of a barny with driver getting on because someone already in buggy space but she managed to get on and squeeze in, I was standing next to her and buggy and 8yo girl. I spoke to woman, offered to move so she could stand next to buggy, she didn't answer me, bowed her head down, looked very ill, was v pale, thin, tbh I thought drugs but am no expert. The older girl started to cry quietly saying mum, don't, you're frightening me; woman was trying to reassure her, stroking her hand, I said, it's OK, is mummy very tired, woman mumbled, I'm not well. I asked if I could help, she said no, mumbled to child about going to doctor. I was only on bus with them for about 3 stops, then I got off, was v worried about all of them, worried she was in charge of a buggy and 3 other kids, she seemed so out of it, and noticed lo in buggy had huge bruise on her forehead - tho of course toddlers get bruises all the time. Couldn't think what I could or should do. WWYD? Please someone reply!

wannaBe Tue 23-Nov-10 16:57:56

realistically there's nothing you can do since you don't know the woman or where she lives. and she might be ill as one off - maybe she has a partner at home..

SparklingExplosionGoldBrass Tue 23-Nov-10 16:58:04

Unless you have some idea of who the woman is or where she lives, I don't think there'sa lot you can do. THough if you live in a small town or small village, you could look out for the woman again, perhaps try to make friends?Even if you do live in a small town, she may only have been visiting the area.

Lucifera Tue 23-Nov-10 17:02:45

oh thank you both for replying - I'm in London and I think they were local because the girl said to mum "oh there's my teacher!" so I was peering down the bus trying to see if she meant teacher was on bus but couldn't see anyone looking up. I think most lkely mum had just picked them up from school. No you're right, realistically I can't do anything, but I will keep an eye out for them again. Was just so sad seeing the child so upset and anxious.

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