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Potential new senior colleague sending flirty emails

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Mylittlebubble Mon 08-Nov-10 15:22:07

OK the situation is, about 6 years ago one of my clients senior managers tried it on with me at a company event. He was being flirty and tried to kiss me in a lift! Very uncomfortable! He asked me out on several occassions to which I politely declined each time. In the following years I went on to actually work for my client directly but in a different division and had no contact with said senior manager.

Fast forward to 2010 - I am now married and have DD. I meet him again in a business meeting and all was well. He then contacted me and told me about a new job, promotion for me and closer location to home, coming up in his division. He has been giving me inside info and been really helpful in getting me in touch with the right people.

Now this is the thing - he knows I am married not sure if he knows about DD but some of his emails have suggested that he thinks we had a 'thing' going on. And he has been very flirty and inuendus (sp). I am just not too sure how to handle him. If it is all a bit of fun fine but I feel he over steps the mark by telling me how attractive he thinks I am and how he loves it that he can still get me excited!!! As if!!!!

I have saved all his messages and never responded with the same tone always professional. When I don't reply he apologies if he has embrassed me!!!

Now I won't be working for him but he could have some influence on the recruitment process so don't want to upset him plus I think he might be just having some fun.


Mylittlebubble Mon 08-Nov-10 15:50:09


tb Mon 08-Nov-10 16:02:56

Have you discussed it with your dh? What does he think, could be useful to have his take on it.

I think it's a difficult one - it's good that he's helping you with information about the new position, but if you get the job, he could be thinking about payback further down the line. If he doesn't get it, he could make things difficult for you, if he's senior and been there a long time. Could you use the office grapevine to find out if he's viewed as a letch, or just a bit tiresome but harmless.

Is that likely to happen, or is he just one of those rather tiresome men that are always a bit too much and rather heavy-handed. You know the sort, that always make any compliment a bit heavy handed and a bit personal etc

Mylittlebubble Mon 08-Nov-10 16:07:53

DH has left it to me really. As long has I can handle it. We both really want this job to work out and as he won't be in my team directly I can probably avoid him.

I think he has a reputation for it to be honest and when I have seen him face to face, even in a lift alone, he was very professional.

Just not sure how to respond to his emails really.

Towatessa Thu 11-Nov-10 21:39:43

I would tackle it head on (I am a bit like a bull in a china shop!) and say something like 'I appreciate your friendship, but as I am happily married I am not interested'.

Alternative is to just ignore them, and eventually he would get the message.

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