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Taking poorly DD to stay with friends

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EmmalinaC Sat 06-Nov-10 10:52:29

We're supposed to be staying with friends tonight, about an hours drive away.

DD2 aged 18 months is under the weather - cold symptoms, high temperature (38.4), off her food an generally a bit grumpy. She's had some calpol and perked up a bit.

Friends say they still want to see us, DH thinks we should go anyway. I'm not so sure... If she didn't have the high temp I'd probably think it was fine...

WWYD? Need to let them know by lunchtime if we decide to cancel!

pinkyp Sun 07-Nov-10 08:33:27

Hmm if your dd seems to be perking up and your friends are ok with it then i'd prob still go,if she gets worse then i'd come back home with it only being a hour away. Maybe google your friends local walk in centre incase you need it later for her temp.

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