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Jilly Cooper has a new book :)

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Alouiseg Mon 21-Jun-10 13:45:45

It will be published in September and it's called "Jump"

I cannot wait

FellatioNelson Mon 21-Jun-10 17:27:28

Ah. It's on Wiki. It must be true.wink

Bumperlicious Mon 21-Jun-10 17:29:36

Only read one Jilly Cooper but do love a good Penny Vincenzi, the thing is they are all very similar (which I like about them) but it means I get one from the library not realising I've already read it!

The latest one about the car crash was a bit weird, love the period ones though.

Might have to dip into Jilly. I do love a good epic book.

boudoiricca Mon 21-Jun-10 17:32:14

GetOrf were you on the Who Do Jilly Cooper Characters Look Like Thread a few months (?) ago?? I remember finding that ridiculously exciting.

(I have only read one PV book. It was about someone called Bard and was SHIT. She's not a patch on Jilly).

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 21-Jun-10 17:33:51

Oh I must have missed that Jilly thread sad

Try another Vicenzi Boudi - have never heard of one with bard in, must be one of her shite ones.

FellatioNelson Mon 21-Jun-10 17:35:17

Do you mean Brad? Was he the American GI turned Hollywood B-lister?

FellatioNelson Mon 21-Jun-10 17:36:48

Just ordered them!! Excited now! Bang goes another fortnight where I meant to change the world and do the ironing.blush

boudoiricca Mon 21-Jun-10 17:38:49

The Dilemma.

Endless, tedious, obvious wank.

boudoiricca Mon 21-Jun-10 17:40:24

oh Fellatio! (I never thought I'd write that.) I am SO envious.

DarrellRivers Mon 21-Jun-10 17:42:57

And her older stories are just glorious
Lisa & Co
(am trying to remember who was who)
Someone who married a scottish chap and went to live on an island-Harriet or Bella?
Someone who had sex at Oxford once with a cad, and got pregnant, kept the baby and had to go and work as a nanny-
Someone who was a virgin who went on holiday to the South of France with someone who wanted to ravish her-Imogen
They are like Georgette Heyer
Snuggling down on a sofa with a hot chocolate, a real fire and the wind howling outside and a suitable novel, heaven

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 21-Jun-10 17:45:24

Harriet is the nanny one
Emily was the one who married the scottish chap

lottiejenkins Mon 21-Jun-10 17:48:45

I have read Jenny Pitmans novels too about a lady trainer, They are very good!!

sparklyblack Mon 21-Jun-10 17:48:45

Bella was the 'glamorous actress' one who got kidnapped and taken to ?Spain.
Octavia was on a boat of some kind, met rugged Welsh type, hated him, fell in love with him.

My favourite was Harriet.

lottiejenkins Mon 21-Jun-10 17:51:18

Harriet was my favourite too! I loved Cory!!

GeorginaWorsley Mon 21-Jun-10 17:51:44

I loved Jilly's novels from 1985 ish to 1995,
Man who made husbands jealous.
I devoured them,as a Jilly character might say,or do wink
I loved the descriptions of the clothes,the houses,the sex....grin

boudoiricca Mon 21-Jun-10 17:53:09

I think I might have to track down all those old ones and re-read them too.

Alouiseg Mon 21-Jun-10 17:54:53

When you've finished the books Fellatio you'll know that a napkin needs to contain an ecstasy tab and a condom...and nobody bothers with the food

DarrellRivers Mon 21-Jun-10 17:54:56

Ah yes, less keen on Bella and Octavia, as they were horrendous heroines
And then they 'learnt' their lessons hmm

I fancied liked the welshman though

RuthieCohen Mon 21-Jun-10 18:01:30


My school had Riders in the library shock which certainly made up for their shoddy attempts at Sex Ed.

Jump has been pre-ordered, I don't know how I'm going to contain myself - I haven't read a decent bonkbuster for years

sharbiebowtiesarecool Mon 21-Jun-10 18:06:23

reading this thread is making more even more yay. yay

lottiejenkins Mon 21-Jun-10 18:14:17

very out of date but the official JC page!!

SolidGoldBrass Mon 21-Jun-10 18:20:46

ANother JIlly COoper fan here. I agree with most of you - Riders, Rivals and Polo are brilliant, the next three OK, Pandora and Wicked just meh.
Mind you my favourite book of hers is probably The Common Years, which I have just been re-reading for about the billionth time (and would defy anyone not to weep at the end...)

Oh and this will make some of you envy - I have, somewhere, a letter from Jilly Cooper, which is sadly addressed to one of my pseudonyms rather than having my name on - I reviewed Polo when it came out in paperback and apparently it's standard practice for her to send reviewers a nice letter.

traceybath Mon 21-Jun-10 18:23:28

I loved the whole Rupert and Taggie love story and read each new book in trepidation that they've broken up.

Also loved Janey Lloyd-Foxe and Daisy for their gloriously sluttish ways.

Felt very sorry for Jilly when her DH had an affair and the OW was very mean about Jilly.

SGB - I am very envious of you having a letter from her.

FellatioNelson Mon 21-Jun-10 18:27:16

Do I have to read Rivals Riders and Polo in any order? Are they related at all?

3BreastsInMyShirt Mon 21-Jun-10 18:29:28

you can read them in any order but its ever so exciting when you find cross over bits from book to book.

traceybath Mon 21-Jun-10 18:29:48

Yeap in that order Fellatio as they have some of the same cast.

I so wish I was going to read them for the first time.

I had to re-purchase those books as read them so many times my originals fell to bits.

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