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Read aloud bedtime stories for 4 year old

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JudeB Thu 11-Aug-05 13:49:31

Does anyone have any suggestions for books which are good for reading aloud at bedtime for my 4 year old daughter?

Recently, we've done Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland and Charlotte's Web but I'm stuck for ideas for the next one.
Harry Potter is a bit too old and my old classics (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe, Ballet Shoes, Pippi Longstocking) are still a bit beyond her reach.

If it has pictures/illustrations so much the better!

starlover Thu 11-Aug-05 13:50:05

charlie and the great glass elevator.
any other roald dahl books

liandme Thu 11-Aug-05 13:51:44

my dd who is 4 has this book called the smelly, slimy book or something like that and she loves it every night she knows it almost by heart now

JudeB Thu 11-Aug-05 13:56:50

We did Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator but struggled to get to the end as it didn't captivate her as much as the first one.

What is James & the Giant Peach like?

Aimsmum Thu 11-Aug-05 13:58:47

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 11-Aug-05 13:59:22

georges marvellous medicine is great

suzywong Thu 11-Aug-05 14:02:04

We've just started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our first text-heavy book, rather than picture book, it's going very well for ds1, 4, as his name is Charlie and he gets excited about that plus he knows all the words the the theme tune of the film - I only mention this as I too want to move to a regular non-picture book at bedtime.

What about Peter Pan, the old version with those fantastic illustrations - who can remember the artist? - not the Disney one.

starlover Thu 11-Aug-05 14:03:01

oh also enid blyton!
i LOVED the amelia jane books
and had a load of my mum's old ones which i adored too

JudeB Thu 11-Aug-05 14:03:59

Ah yes, I've got Peter Pan with coloured plates by Mabel Lucy Atwell - beautiful book - falling apart now as I read it so much when I was little!

poppyknot Thu 11-Aug-05 14:03:59

Katie Morag is going down well.

The Princess and the Pirate King by Debi Gliori also enjoyed.

suzywong Thu 11-Aug-05 14:12:16

that's the one JudeB

I'll have a look on amazon and see if it's been re-issued

JudeB Thu 11-Aug-05 14:13:25

George's Marvelous medicine might go down well as that is her 4mth old brother's name! Not sure he's old enough to appreciate it yet - more interested in his bedtime bottle than the story!

suzywong Thu 11-Aug-05 14:21:18

no, no re-issue

I love that illustration of the shadow being sewn on

What about the When Now We Are Six and When We Were Very Young poetry collections by E H Shepard?

ANd decetnly illustrated collections of classic fairy stories ( yes I am an illustration snob, I am very particular and I will not be shamed)

Hulababy Thu 11-Aug-05 22:05:41

My Naughty Little Sister
Naughty Amelia Jane
Milly Molly Mandy

Roald Dahl

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