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Barbapapa books

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persil Mon 08-Aug-05 10:27:54

Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of these books? Ebay only occassionally has them and they always seem extortionate! Would love to introduce my ds1 to them

lewislewis Tue 09-Aug-05 20:11:21

Me too, i am a big Barbapapa fan, did not know English people knew them as well, i tried to find videos on the net,and also in Italy and France, lewislewisbut failed. Will watch this thread.

Furball Tue 09-Aug-05 20:21:28

They've got some on Amazon. Just do a search for Barbapapa.

Littlefish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:33:18

Oooooooooh are they still available??? I used to love Barbapapa and had no idea they might still be around!!! I'll be on Amazon in a minute! Thanks for the tip.

popsycal Tue 09-Aug-05 20:35:01

OMg i remember these!

persil Wed 10-Aug-05 12:58:30

Ihave looked previously on Amazon but although I would like one £164 is a bit steep I think! the others I believe are in French

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 13:00:32

Lots here???

persil Wed 10-Aug-05 13:04:51

Thanks Janh but it's not Babar the elephant. The Barbapapas are odd sort of flumpy things who live in big houses (what I can remember!)seem to recall there was a whole family of them in different colours.... very pc for the time!

Iklboo Wed 10-Aug-05 13:06:01

Not Babar - Barbapapa is different. I used to love the books and the tv show when I was younger.

mumtosomeone Wed 10-Aug-05 13:26:47

Barba papa I used to love him. Think we have some somewhere ill have a look. We had a little barba papa too!

mumtosomeone Wed 10-Aug-05 13:28:23

oops got mixed up!!!
but do have a barba papa book somewhere too and the moomins!!

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 13:30:45

Ohhh - this big pink thing!

Never heard of it! But thanks for explanation

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 13:33:27

Barbapapa website

Janh Wed 10-Aug-05 13:36:23

And discussion forum and I want to be a Barbapapa

Littlefish Wed 10-Aug-05 13:49:18

Thank you sooooooo much Janh. I've just looked at the pictures and remembered how much I wanted to be Barbabelle. She was so glamourous!

jane313 Thu 11-Aug-05 15:15:15

I wish you could get the tv series on dvd or vidoe. I used to love the "all change" bit.

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