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Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby...

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minko Sun 02-May-10 10:52:04

Quite enjoyed it but frustrated by the ambiguous ending. What do we think happened? Did she move to America and marry Tucker (is Annie the web chat girl at the end??)

bobbiewickham Sun 02-May-10 10:54:49

Blardy hated the ending. Insulting to women and not worthy of the sainted Nick.

ChickensNeedOpposableThumb Sun 02-May-10 11:08:27

I hope she didn't. I like to think that her fling with Tucker made her realise how crap her long term relationship was, and went on to have a fabulous life without either of them.

PorphyrophillicPixie Sun 02-May-10 11:19:34

I shouldn't have opened this thread, it's on my to-read list and now I know the ending! shock

Not up to par with his other books then?

MrsDickens Sun 02-May-10 11:24:34

I found it a bit....well, limp, tbh. I got really into it at the start and then couldn't work out where it was going to go.....finished it feeling a bit let down, somehow. Although I do quite enjoy his matter-of-fact writing style.

PorphyrophillicPixie Sun 02-May-10 11:28:40

I love his writing at the moment, I could live on books by him and Mike Gayle, they're both very similar. I may put Juliet Naked down the list a bit (until I forget what has been written here!)

Vintagepommery Sun 02-May-10 16:38:28

Yes, I think she did move to America to be with Tucker (and have his baby). I thought the ending was a bit underwhelming.
The other thing that annoyed me about the book was the way that Duncan sounded so unnattractive and yet managed to pull so easily.
Saying that, other than those two things I enjoyed the book.

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