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Jasper Fforde, genius or just plain unhinged[grin]

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jurisfictionoperative Mon 19-Apr-10 23:15:18

What do you think?

Kaloki Mon 19-Apr-10 23:23:02

Genius definitely grin Nice username

My brother has nicked all my Thursday Next books though <shakes fist>

jurisfictionoperative Mon 19-Apr-10 23:33:57

I love the names. 'armitage shanks' 'sturmey archer' took me AGES to work out 'bowden cable'!

jurisfictionoperative Mon 19-Apr-10 23:36:19

I am actually leaning towards unhinged! Who else but a mad person would think up the 'stupidity surplus''! We should definately use that in this country!

Kaloki Mon 19-Apr-10 23:39:46

Ok, now I feel stupid

Explain the names pretty please?

Bleatblurt Mon 19-Apr-10 23:41:30

Genius! I love the Thursday Next books. grin

nobiggy Mon 19-Apr-10 23:41:31

I had to operate a Friedland Chime to get into a building recently.

jurisfictionoperative Mon 19-Apr-10 23:57:45

'armitage shanks make toilets, 'sturmey archer is the gears on your racing bike, and a bowden cable is the brake cable apparently! There are so many, it blows the mind. They are so random! Please don't feel stupid, my brain is a natural receptacle for the bizarre and useless! grin

jurisfictionoperative Mon 19-Apr-10 23:59:59

Nobiggy.. Lol. I just had to google that one!

LunaticFringe Sat 01-May-10 21:32:13

Message withdrawn

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