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Romantic/Crime Fiction Writers

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Delica Sun 18-Apr-10 13:42:38

Who are the best please? 5 names would suffice. Thank you.

Alixand Sun 18-Apr-10 17:02:33

Crime -
Margery Allingham
Ngaio Marsh
Agatha christie

Romantic -
Georgette Heyer

they are ones i read over and over but there are lots of more modern ones.

Delica Sun 18-Apr-10 17:20:46

Thank you Alixand smile

WhatDoFlamesDoTheseDays Sun 18-Apr-10 17:26:40

mark billingham
tess gerritson

itsybitsy08 Sun 18-Apr-10 17:32:52

British Crime mark billingham, ian rankin, val mcdermid.
Dont really know much about the romance front tbh, but the book the story of lucys love life in ten chapters is a nice read (sorry cant remeber the author!) Celia Ahern ok and katie fford.

Too many good authors to mention (smile)

cocolepew Sun 18-Apr-10 17:33:55

Crime: Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Harlan Coban, Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman.

No idea about romance.

Delica Mon 19-Apr-10 17:04:37

Once again, thank you all wink

grumperina Thu 29-Apr-10 23:15:21

Alixand - Georgette Heyer wrote some great crime novels too - same sort of period and style as Margery Allingham, Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie

HappyMrsChicken Thu 29-Apr-10 23:17:13

Another recommendation for Georgette Heyer for the romance. Not read any of her crime novels though.

OmegaMummy Thu 29-Apr-10 23:20:12

try jd robb...crime mixed with romance and also set in the future....sounds naff but lovely Friday night, glass of red read.
Also crime/thriller...Lee Child,,(unput down able), Peter James ( need to check that name)

PricklyThistle Thu 29-Apr-10 23:32:12

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. Light and fluffy but good fun.

JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts) - Eve Dallas novels, futuristic (but not sci-fi) cop novels.

These are crime AND romance - will have a think for some others.

scaryteacher Wed 05-May-10 09:12:19

Lee Child, Linda Fairstein, Margery Allingham, PD James (erudite crime), Dorothy Sayers, Donna Leon, Elizabeth George for crime. I also love Cynthia Harrod-Eagles for crime. She has written a brilliant series about a DI called Bill Slider who works out of Shepherds Bush nick. Very witty, lots of word play, deft plotting and human interest.

Georgette Heyer for romance; brilliant! My mum has bought me her crime novels for Christmas, so am looking forward to them. I also like Lindsay Davis 'The Course of Honour' as a romance (albeit a Roman one), and the Diana Galbadon series is historical romance.

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