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when do you read?

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ThatVikRinA22 Wed 14-Apr-10 23:39:02

its just occurred to me that since i stopped my daily commute to work (i now work locally for the time being) that i no longer read!

i used to absolutely love my reading time on the train. hated the commute but loved my read. i got through more books in that year than any other time in my life, and i really am missing it but i no longer seem to be able to find the time to just sit for an hour a day and read.

cant read in bed as DH works nights and goes really early. if im down stairs im either on here or doing housework.

when do you all find the time to read?

Clary Wed 14-Apr-10 23:42:41

Read in the bath in the morning.

Used to read on the bus but not working atm.

Read in bed if i get there first grin

Sometimes read in the evening but more often on internet or ironing while watching TV.

Agree commute great for reading.

BirdyArms Wed 14-Apr-10 23:46:52

I struggle to find the time. In theory I read when I go to bed but in reality go to bed too late to stay awake for more then a couple of pages

Shodan Thu 15-Apr-10 00:02:28

In bed.

In the bath.

When I'm eating breakfast.

Sometimes in the evening.

I am an extremely fast reader and can get through a normal sized book in a day or two, although I have to reread several times to get full details. A really good book will have me ignoring housework/tv/even Mumsnet (shock).

I love reading.


janeite Thu 15-Apr-10 18:49:31

Anywhere and anytime - except in cars/on buses, as it makes me sick.

Mostly in the bath every evening but also on trains, in the loo, in a chair when dp and the girls are watching crap on the television etc etc. I read books and ignore the housework, basically!

helyg Thu 15-Apr-10 18:52:12

I read in bed or in the bath. Since my youngest started FT school and as I only work PT I have also discovered the luxury of reading in the garden on a sunny afternoon... grin

AliGrylls Thu 15-Apr-10 19:05:44

Always in bed. Sometimes during Ds' midafternoon nap depending on what needs doing.

Forester Thu 15-Apr-10 19:08:31

Normally in bed - but when DH working early shift so in bed early read on the sofa / spare bed just before going to bed

Alouiseg Thu 15-Apr-10 19:09:07

On holiday, it's the only time these days!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 15-Apr-10 19:15:57

I make a point of going to bed an hour early so I can read.

Now the weather is better, when I go out in the garden with ds I read while he potters about.

If I'm totally engrossed in a book I'll read laying down on the sofa while ds has his nap blush

janeite Thu 15-Apr-10 19:20:26

At risk of being controversial: sil didn't read a single book for nearly two years after her first child was born and I just don't understand that at all.

deaddei Thu 15-Apr-10 19:20:34

I read 2 or 3 books a week, and tend to go to bed about 9 to do it. Don't watch much tv, so can get a fair bit of reading done each evening.

deepdarkwood Thu 15-Apr-10 19:26:00

What janeite said - books over housework any day. I am in the middle of a good book today & have read:
- first thing, in bed with my with tea - kids bought their books into bed & we read in companiable silence
- whilst eating breakfast
- whilst getting dressed & ready (queen of multitasking)
- in park whilst kids played
- whilst cooking (somewhat hazardous - both to state of book & state of supper)

I do read in the evenings - but rarely in bed (once I hit the pillow I'm asleep) I don't often get a full hour of reading though - it's all in grabbed 5 min slots.

scurryfunge Thu 15-Apr-10 19:30:14

Read in bed mainly and also on holiday (book a day when not at work- very antisocial on holiday).

CDMforever Thu 15-Apr-10 19:34:08

Always in bed until my eyes start to go, usually about half 10, or when I hear DH creeping up the stairs in hope of some rumpy!! Quick, turn that light out!!

deaddei Thu 15-Apr-10 19:36:04

CDMforever- and I thought it was just me who did that wink

FourArms Thu 15-Apr-10 19:40:37

Usually when on holiday, or travelling (without children - bliss!). Got delayed by 4 hours on a flight last week... no problem. Popped to WHSmiths, bought two books, had finished the first by the following morning - 4 hours in airport, 1 hour on plane and then an hour waiting for DH to wake up!

Like Shodan I read v.quickly. I can be v.lazy when I've got a good book on the go - finished the Twilight saga in a week. Might reread soon, probably missed half the detail the first time!

Currently obsessed with playing solitaire on my phone before bed. Play until I win a game, which can be two minutes or half an hour!

deaddei Thu 15-Apr-10 19:45:08

On holiday I rarely speak to anyone- for a 2 week break I have been known to take 12 books and still run out.

KurriKurri Thu 15-Apr-10 19:54:16

In bed, in the bath (until I go wrinklygrin) often have several on the go at once, some 'heavy' some 'light', always have a paperback in my handbag, so if I find myself waiting somewhere I have something to read. I can't read on buses or in cars, but am fine on planes or trains.

I've spent a lot of time waiting around in hospital over the last couple of years, so have got used to reading wherever I am. Also got some good recommendations from hosp. staffgrin

cymrukernow Thu 15-Apr-10 20:06:35

Haven't read a fiction book in 7 years - since pre kids! I love the Sunday Observer - it takes me 6 days to read it!

missmoopy Thu 15-Apr-10 20:10:38

In bed, most nights. Since I was little. Its my bedtime ritual.

In the bath.
In the garden in the sun (ha!) in summer.
Weekend mornings sometimes, whilst dd amused by childrens telly.

Snooks14 Thu 15-Apr-10 20:54:27

I read all the time - on the train, in bed, while eating. And like KurriKurri I usually have a couple on the go at once - something fiction and something non fiction - I read the non fiction while I'm running my DS's bath - we have low water pressure so that can take about 15 mins.
And this sounds really sad but by DH brought me home a tiny little torch which is really powerful as I like to read when I wake up in the morning and during the winter it was dark and I couldn't turn on the light as DH was still asleep.
I can't afford to keep up with my reading habit so I take books out the library as well - but my idea of bliss is going to a bookshop.

SerenaSays Thu 15-Apr-10 22:12:38

Another reader-in-bed here. I have to read for at least 20 mins before I put the light out; preferably an hour (or more). Can't do without it. I also read on my daily (train) commute and get anxious if I find I've gone out without a book in my bag.

Dh also accuses me of not being able to go out of the house without coming back with another book, as I have a full-blown charity-shop addiction.

Sad, really. But I love to read more than anything else in the world, I think blush

Snooks14 Thu 15-Apr-10 23:56:05

I definetly know what you mean SerenaSays - I love, love, love reading. I'm going on holiday abroad for the first time in a few years in July and I am already worrying about how the baggage restictions may affect the number of books I intend to take!
I am never without a book and I have some old favourites that I will reread now and again.

MamanPorcine Fri 16-Apr-10 00:41:30

I read when I should be sleeping (when I'm not on mumsnet or Facebook). I tend to have patches of not reading anything, then I find a good book and read it all in one go until 3am, or read instead of tidying the house or cooking or mundane things like that, that unfortunately should be done at some point. Then I go out and buy chips for tea grin.

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