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Have you read The Little Stranger? Please tell me the end! I lost the book 5 sixths of the way through

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Magaly Wed 14-Apr-10 16:38:40

How creepy is that in itself?! Anybody who's read it will know that that is quite creepy!

I got as far as where Dr Faraday was away and he received a call from Caroline asking him to come back. He had suspected Mrs Ayers would hurt herself to 'return to Susan'. So I think Mrs Ayers had committed suicide.

I closed the book and thought OOOh I'll read about that later and now, about 48 hours later, I have to wonder if I will ever find the book. It has just vanished.

shumway Wed 14-Apr-10 16:49:20

Borrow it from the library?

Magaly Wed 14-Apr-10 16:53:51


newpup Wed 14-Apr-10 16:55:46

I just finished it yesterday! Are you sure you want to know?

Magaly Wed 14-Apr-10 17:10:36

I do, I have read some reviews on amazon and I think I can piece it together but tell me anyway, what do YOU think happened (I gather it is subjective).

newpup Wed 14-Apr-10 17:36:55

Well..... Mrs Ayers did indeed kill herself. Hung from the back of the door. Then Caroline breaks off the engagement and makes plans to sell the house and move abroad. The Doctor, whilst driving back from a patient, late at night stops the car at the scene of the odd touchy feely episode after the ball. He thinks about going to the house to talk to Caroline but falls asleep in the car instead. In the morning he drives home to be greeted by Graham with the news Caroline fell over the banisters in the night and died!! At the inquest we hear from Betty who claims Caroline got up in the night and ran down the corridor before shouting "YOU"! and plunging off the balcony!

The book ends with the doctor explaining that we will never find out what happened and how he visits the now abandoned house from time to time to try and see the evil spirit but has never done.

I loved the book but found the ending unsatisfactory. I wanted to find out 'who did it'. you could read into it that it was the Doctor but I was not convinced about that theory.

You should definately get a copy to read the ending, hope you are not too disapointed!

elliemental Wed 14-Apr-10 17:39:38

they all die in the end. It was the butler.

elliemental Wed 14-Apr-10 17:40:42

i loved this book, I know what you mean about the ending though.

Magaly Wed 14-Apr-10 17:42:33

Thanks newpup. Caroline was too sensible to kill herself 'lightly' if that's the right word. She must have been really terrified.

newpup Wed 14-Apr-10 17:51:45

The ending provokes more questions than answers really. Caroline could have jumped ( I think unlikely) or have fallen or have been pushed.

Farraday could have been responsible, at the end he is like a ghost drifting around the empty house trying to fix things and mistaking his own image in the cracked glass for a ghost. He is a very unreliable narrator so it is possible.

Although there are lots of other loose ends that point to an outside force of evil at work!

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