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The Book Thief

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barleywood Sat 10-Apr-10 10:48:35

I know many of you have read this. I have just started. Please come and tell me why I should continue.

BigBadMummy Sat 10-Apr-10 10:52:09

Sorry, can't do that. I hated it.

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Sat 10-Apr-10 10:55:29

Didn't get it at all. Sorry

Snooks14 Sat 10-Apr-10 10:56:09

I`ve picked it up a couple of times when I've been in book shops but always ended up putting it back again - just something about it didn't appeal. I had thought maybe I should give it a go but after reading your comment I think my initial reaction was correct!

overthemill Sat 10-Apr-10 22:25:10

oh you just have to keep going, it really will draw you in. We read it for book group and i wasn't at all keen to start with but loved it by the end. Most f us felt the same, really good book that makes you think long after finishing it

babyOcho Sat 10-Apr-10 22:29:17

Like overthemill I read it on our book club. I was WTF, but kept going and it was actaully pretty good. If I was reading it generally I would have put it down and read something else.

I even found myself thinking about it a lot after a certain point. It's good. Try to keep going.

SixtyFootDoll Sat 10-Apr-10 22:31:08

I thought it was a lovely book, takes a while to get going, but a good read I thought.

barleywood Sun 11-Apr-10 17:27:19

Thanks for your replies. I am reading it for a book club...hence the need for encouragement. I have heard from others that it draws you in if you stick with it.

Bumperliouzzzzzz Sun 11-Apr-10 17:36:42

I didn't - sorry. Got about half way through.

StabbingWestward Fri 16-Apr-10 22:31:03

I was told how good it was and couldn't see it at first. About half way before I could understand the bloody thing.

janeite Fri 16-Apr-10 22:36:03

I was unsure for about 30 pages then got totally gripped and ended up loving it.

SoupDragon Fri 16-Apr-10 22:39:55

Ironically, I stole this from our timeshare villa a couple of years ago. It did draw me in and I loved it by the end.

BooToYouToo Mon 19-Apr-10 11:48:13

Keep going as the relationships with her adoptive family and boy next door really develop. Also there are lots of hints throughout the book on upcoming events which make you want to keep reading. I read somewhere that it was a book written for teenagers which is why it can seem a bit simplistic at first but once you are used to the style its really gripping.

LouMacca Mon 19-Apr-10 12:45:26

Same as janeite.

Was unsure at first but stuck with it. So glad I did, it is one of my favourite books. ever. An amazing read.

TheBossofMe Tue 20-Apr-10 04:09:43

Oh, I love this book - do persevere because if you stick with it, it really sticks with you.

AussieSim Tue 20-Apr-10 04:21:57

Wonderful book. The beginning is a bit dry but it gets better and by the end you will be singing its praises. If you like more 'literary' fiction rather than 'mainstream' stuff that is ...

florencerusty Tue 20-Apr-10 20:31:35

An excellent book but yes takes time to get going. Stick with it though

tootootired Tue 20-Apr-10 20:33:42

I liked it, so worth going on IMO

barleywood Tue 20-Apr-10 20:47:18

Thanks, I've finished it. I'm looking forward to hearing what the others at the group have made of it.

missmoopy Tue 20-Apr-10 20:54:44

It is a wonderful, strange, magical book. Keep going.

MPuppykin Mon 26-Apr-10 15:13:47

Yes agree. I took a bit to get into it, but once i was, just loved it. Think it is a masterpiece.

ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 29-Apr-10 01:51:29

I saw the author give a talk at writers week here in Adelaide. He was fabulous, really funny and unassuming. And SO young! I have a lot of admiration for him.

CoteDAzur Sat 01-May-10 21:43:22

A "masterpiece"? Without meaning to be rude, how old are you people and which books are you comparing The Book Thief to?

It is a book written for teenagers (or "young adults", as Amazon puts it) - childish, superficial, and incredibly dull.

Alice In Wonderland is a children's book, but it works on multiple levels and the adult reader takes something from it as well as the child. Same with Moby Dick, where a simple story carries complex themes.

Not here. The Book Thief is just a children's book. There is no complexity. Even death, a timeless entity that should be a source of penetrating wisdom and unique perspective, has nothing remotely interesting to say.

TheBossofMe Tue 04-May-10 02:34:09

Cote D'Azur - re death. Isn't that rather the point?

CoteDAzur Tue 04-May-10 08:20:27

What... that Death is an idiot? I doubt that.

Those little bits at the beginning of each part make Death sound like a particularly dim 6 year old. All those lists. I like this color and that color. Wth? hmm You are the immortal predator, the timeless spectator of all history. And that is all you have to say?

You know what would make this book interesting? If the eternal, preternatural predator Death was more like Lestat in the book "Interview With The Vampire". He is just a vampire, but the subject of eternal life, witnessing the deaths of mortals, caring for humans but being above it all, etc was narrated with interesting depth and beauty in that book.

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