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Twilight fans.... Look here. New addition to the Twilight Saga

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teamcullen Thu 08-Apr-10 08:44:11

Stephanie Meyer is bringing out a new book called "The short second life of Bree Tanner."

Remember Bree at the end of Eclipse, well its her story. It gives an insight to what was going on in Seattle during Eclipse from the newborns point of view.

Whats more Stephanie Meyer is releasing the book on the net for a short time so we can read it for free. Here from 7th June until July 5th.

sockmonkey Thu 08-Apr-10 08:45:32

Oooooh, thank you for that!

teamcullen Thu 08-Apr-10 09:06:59

Your welcome, DD found out yesterday. Im very excited. grin

teamcullen Thu 08-Apr-10 20:09:38

spreading the word smile

SandylovesZsadist Fri 09-Apr-10 23:32:35

I won't be buying this - I don't see why she can't bloody finish Midnight Sun angry

teamcullen Sat 10-Apr-10 13:01:55

Definatly would have been better to finish Midnight Sun, but will still be good to see what was going on in Seattle.

You dont have to buy it though Sandy, you can read it online.

DreamTeamGirl Sat 10-Apr-10 13:27:55

Thank you! Remind us again nearer the time please cos I WILL forget smile

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