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The short second life of Bree Tanner.... Excited or what!!

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teamcullen Wed 07-Apr-10 21:21:56

Stephanie Meyer is releasing this book about Bree from Eclipse, and whats better is it will be availible to read free on Here from June 5th.

Its to show Eclipse from the newborn's point of view.

EricNorthmansmistress Thu 08-Apr-10 19:51:13

Not so much. I want midnight sun!!!!!

teamcullen Thu 08-Apr-10 21:57:46

Id love her to finish Midnight Sun. Its so much more interesting than Twilight, but I kind of think that if she was going to finish it she would have by now.

Id love to read New Moon from Edwards point of view too because we never really get to find out what he got up to and how his family reacted.

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