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Child psychology/development book recommendations

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weekendstepmum Fri 26-Mar-10 10:11:40

Looking for a good book to help understand what?s going on in a five year old girl?s head. My partner says there is no ?owner?s manual? but I suspect there might be something close! Any recommendations?

foreverastudent Sun 09-May-10 16:43:48

margaret donaldson's childrens minds is a classic

if you want to blame yourself go for bowlby's maternal deprivation

piaget wrote a lot about how children of different ages think differently, best to read a book about his work rather than something he actually wrote though because he's not an easy read!

Emmielu Wed 25-Apr-12 19:27:15

Child psychology & development for dummies & look into childrens behaviour. Look online at amazon,

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