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Just read the new harry Potter

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poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:33:01

Anyone else just finished this?I am distraught at the ending.Cannot talk to anyone about as i dont want to give the story away!Anyone else emotionally distraught or is it just me?!

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 21:35:54

I want a copy!!!!!

Nbg Sat 16-Jul-05 21:36:44


I need it now!!!!

Miaou Sat 16-Jul-05 21:37:30

Dh has just finished it but is (fortunately) tight-lipped on what happened .... ooh can't wait to start it now!

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 21:37:38

i have to wait until the end of them month as were skint - i feli may die beofre then

poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:39:39

I wont give anything away!Please read it!!

Yorkiegirl Sat 16-Jul-05 21:42:17

Message withdrawn

munz Sat 16-Jul-05 21:44:27

ooh come on girls give us some clues! don't get mine till tues/weds

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 21:45:28

no no no clues please!!!!!!!!!!!

poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:46:02

No Clues it will spoil it 4 you!Hang in there til Tues Munz,it will be worth the wait!

munz Sat 16-Jul-05 21:47:06

it's not fair I tell u! - that will teach me for getting MIL to get it from her work for me (and me being the cheapskate that wanted the extra discount!)

munz Sat 16-Jul-05 21:48:28

is it as big as the fourth book - that one took me ages to read.

poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:48:49

Ive just found out its £4.99 in Kwiksave!!

munz Sat 16-Jul-05 21:49:50

serious? thhat's dead cheap

poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:51:34

Apparently financial 'experts' have said there is no way they can make a profit at that price!!You have to wander why they bothered!!

Enid Sat 16-Jul-05 21:51:46

7.97 in smiths, loads left at 5pm this arvo, all guarded by sad looking youths in wizard outfits

Enid Sat 16-Jul-05 21:52:29

you can find out what happens pretty easily by surfing

shall I tell you?

hunkermunker Sat 16-Jul-05 21:53:31

Haven't even read number 5!

ja9 Sat 16-Jul-05 21:56:14

you've read it already?

RESPECT! << said science style!>>

poppyh Sat 16-Jul-05 21:58:43

Thanks Ja9!!I got lucky today.My 2 year old dd was really chilled and actually let me read!!

sparklymieow Sat 16-Jul-05 22:05:06

Kwiksave price is 4.99 but you have to be under 12 to get it that price

ellceeell Sat 16-Jul-05 22:20:03

I want to read the seventh book now! Will it be another 2 years?

Nbg Sat 16-Jul-05 22:23:15

How big is the book?

Is it bigger than the last one?

Also does anyone know if local post offices or Co-op's are selling them? I'm clutching at straws here!

Lucycat Sat 16-Jul-05 22:50:58

go on then enid spill - but you might have to start a new spoiler thread, or point me in right direction of a website!!!

Catsmother Sun 17-Jul-05 00:37:34

I got my copy delivered from Amazon 1st thing but have only read about 6 pages ....... but ..... being an impatient little miss, read the ending first ! Obviously don't know how the book gets to that point though so am still looking forward to reading it through properly.

Nbg, my local post office is selling it ... I think lots of places that don't normally stock books, or at least only sell crappy "bargain" stuff, have got in stocks especially as the demand is so high.

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