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Parenting book recommendations?

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Mirrorball Fri 22-Jan-10 10:52:43

I have two boys - 2.5 and 4.

I already have:
Raising Great Boys
Baby Whisperer for Toddlers
Christopher Green Toddler Taming

Any other must-reads? Dealing with tantrums at the moment with my two year old... could also be doing with some advice on helping him with his talking and we're about to tackle potty training.

Also interested in reading about how to help with confidence in preschool children, and how to help them deal with their emotions (tantrum related!)


EldonAve Fri 22-Jan-10 14:07:00

The Incredible Years
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

merrilyverily Fri 22-Jan-10 15:03:08

Do not disturb by Deborah Jackson, subtitled 'The benefits of relaxed parenting for you and your child.' I thought it was brill.

WidowWadman Fri 22-Jan-10 15:12:46

I love it that this thread is in Adult fiction

WidowWadman Fri 22-Jan-10 15:13:27

Ignore me, I can't read blush

theboobmeister Wed 07-Apr-10 22:34:08

"What every parent needs to know" by Margot Sunderland. Based on scientific evidence, not popular wisdom! And very easy to read. Definitely recommended as it will give you a different perspective to Baby Whisperer, Toddler Taming etc.

skinofmyteeth Wed 15-Dec-10 17:56:12

I was about to start a similar thread when I found this one... so far I have read (DP thinks I am obsessed!):

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk and siblings without Rivalry by Adele Faber, Elaine Mazluish

Unconditional parenting by Alfie Kohn

Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen

Parenting from Your Heart by Inbal Kashtan

Beyond sibling rivalry by Peter Goldenthal

All highly recommended.

I've also read
Raising boys by Steve Bidulph and
Growing great boys by Ian Grant
Which are not highly recommended! Especially not the Ian Grant one, which just got my back up (I have 2 DSs - 1 year old and 3.5)

I've just started Pink Brain, Blue Brain by
Lise Elliot, which is good so far.

Thank you for the ones recommended already - any one else got some to add?

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