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Funny, light "chick lit" books ... any recommendations?

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WastedYouth Tue 19-Jan-10 09:42:31

I read "His Other Lover" a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I'm now reading another book by the same author (Getting rid of Matthew) and am already hooked ... not even finished the first chapter yet! (just not had time).

Can anyone recommend any similar books? I'm looking for light romance/deceit/revenge books with a touch of comedy ... ?

minko Tue 19-Jan-10 10:01:50

Marian Keyes is your woman. Easy reading, great stories and all with a sense of humour.

MmeLindt Tue 19-Jan-10 10:14:38

Anything by Nora Roberts, particularly the trilogies. Quinn brothers and Concannon sisters

corriefan Tue 19-Jan-10 10:19:16

Anita Shreve is always a good easy read, with stories based around romance.

Jilly Cooper too, addictive easy lighthearted reading I find.

Bucharest Tue 19-Jan-10 10:22:30

Marian Keyes, Freya North (tho can be a bit twee- all her heroines are identical people soap and water girl next door types) Lisa Jewell.

Avoid the other chicklitters like the plague, especially the ones with gaudy covers with women in high heels with shopping bags.

Tony Parsons can be quite chicklitty. grin

racmac Tue 19-Jan-10 10:23:55

I second Marian Keyes

Also i really like Janet Evanovich - she is hilarious.

BooHooMonkey Tue 19-Jan-10 10:25:22

Jane Green, Loved all her books.Also second Marian Keyes.

BaronessBarbaraKingstanding Tue 19-Jan-10 10:28:11

I always avoided chick lit and then read Marian keyes. she is great. funny writing but with guinely poignant gritty tales underneath, I've read them now them all.

Janet Evanovitch is great too, but i got bored aftre the 10th!

KSal Tue 19-Jan-10 10:37:10

marian keyes! its the only chick lit i read

phdlife Tue 19-Jan-10 10:48:06

gawd, marion keyes and jane green both make me want to poke my eyes out.

I like Julia Quinn - witty Regency romances with the zingiest dialogue, no doubt.

And Jenny Colgan is darn funny, but for the younger crowd.

(psst, Jenny, if you're reading this, hurry up with the next one, willya?)

phdlife Tue 19-Jan-10 10:48:51

and second Lisa Jewell.

Movingon2010 Tue 19-Jan-10 13:20:23

I am currently going through a stage of reading anything by;
Isla Dewar, Mavis Cheek, Pauline Mc Lynn and Jennifer Crusie.

I used to enjoy Marion Keyes and Janet Evanovitch though recent books couldn't get into, unsure if too formula or read too many, too quickly by same author...

sellthesizzle Wed 20-Jan-10 18:31:05

The secret life of a scummy mummy by Fiona Neil is so funny I LOL'd when I read it.

Both of India Knights are excellent - Don't you want me and My life on a plate.

Jenny Colgan is good too and I like Marian Keyes or early stuff like Rachels holiday and watermelon.

FnD Wed 20-Jan-10 20:36:29

early Catherine Alliot - The Old Girls Network is great.

early Fiona Walker - Kiss Chase is one of my most favourite books!

5Foot5 Thu 21-Jan-10 19:18:24

Try Trisha Ashley. I love one of her earlier books called "Good Husband Material"

herbietea Thu 21-Jan-10 19:25:01

Message withdrawn

horseyrider Thu 21-Jan-10 20:46:01

I always enjoy Maeve Binchy, as they are the type where you really care about the characters as they are such likeable people. I especially like "Heart and Soul" and "Whitethorn Woods".

Sandy22 Sat 23-Jan-10 18:53:18

I loved the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, really had me laughing.

SleepingLion Sat 23-Jan-10 19:02:26

Marian Keyes is definitely my favourite although I was unimpressed by This Charming Man. Rachel's Holiday is brilliant though. Sophie Kinsella is fun too - very light. J

Try Wendy Holden's books as well - Simply Divine is one of them; very entertaining.

Emily Barr writes books that are a little more thoughtful than your average chick-lit novel in my opinion, which I like.

This site gives you some really good starting points!

TinyPawz Sun 24-Jan-10 00:54:25

Not a big fan of Marian Keyes. I would recommend Patrica Scanlon, Louise Bagshawe & Fiona Walker. There are so many fantastic writers out there, it is near impossible to go wrong.

Buntytea Sun 24-Jan-10 01:07:41

Try Cathy Kelly too, real life friend of Marian Keyes

MrsKitty Sun 24-Jan-10 03:58:47

Adele Parks. Amanda Brookfield.

Also second Freya North, Jane Green, Marian Keyes, Catherine Alliot (earlier stuff in particular), and Fiona Walker.

Bumperlicious Sun 24-Jan-10 08:41:57

I find the Sophie Kinsella books quite stressful and had to abandon the last one.

I absolutely love Louise Bagshaw, it's about as light and frothy as you get, similar to that is Penny Vencenzi, her books are all epic posh family sagas, the Spoils of Time trilogy is good as it is set in the 20s and 30s.

Jane Green also good, Lisa Jewell and the ones with the partners writing, Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees I think.

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 24-Jan-10 08:49:54

Message withdrawn

overmydeadbody Sun 24-Jan-10 08:58:58

Raphaella Barker is really good.

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