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Recipe books and general books for weaning baby!

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luvlymum Mon 04-Jul-05 11:37:50

Can anyone recommend any good books for weaning my baby, she'll be 6 months old in three weeks time so I'm thinking about starting soon!

Donbean Mon 04-Jul-05 11:44:52

yes, i found Anabel Carmels books really good.
She has great ideas and my ds is 2 now and i still give him some of the food suggested in her books.
Initially i stuck to baby rice mixed with expressed Breast milk, i then added a tiny teaspoon of pured fruit to it. Things like pear or mashed banana.
Then i went onto baby porridge mixed with breast milk.
Other than these, i never bought jars or packaged baby foods and always made my own and froze it.
However there is absolutely nothing wrong with these products as they all "every thing" free (colours etc).
Just take it slowly and ensure that your baby gets her milk predominantly.

Mojomummy Mon 04-Jul-05 14:09:54

Hi, I found Gina Fords Weaning book FAB.

It's very straightforward. She sounds quite strict, but if you can cope with that it's just great. We started when dd was 5 3/4 months. She starts you on rice & everything is so easy to follow.

The recipes are good too & I have to say it's my most read book . I even took it on hols to make the veg shepherds pie, fish pie, fritta etc.

The other good thing about GF's book, is she doesn't encourage sweet things -lots of fruit instead.

Have a pal who liked the Annabel Karmen book, but stopped using it when her recipes had tomato ketchup in everything. I found it a bit fussy.

purpleturtle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:28:19

I love Annabel Karmel's Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner

dizzymama Mon 04-Jul-05 19:53:08

i'm in love with my Lorraine Kelly's baby and toddler eating plan, it's totally do-able with no 'grow your own lentils' nonsense!

Oliviab Mon 04-Jul-05 20:19:14

I've got Small Helpings by Annabel Karmel, it's really inspiring and the blissful banana bread recipe has even got me eating bananas. Yumm, going off into banana bread fantasy now...

Donbean Mon 04-Jul-05 20:25:17

Can you post the recipe for the banana bread please oliviab, it sounds lovely.

Oliviab Tue 05-Jul-05 13:58:00

Mix 100g marge & 100g brown sugar, beat in 1 egg. Mash in 450g bananas, 3tbsp yoghurt (any) and 1teasp vanilla. Gradually beat in 250g plain flour (sifted), 1tbsp baking powder, 1teasp cinnamon, pinch salt. Finally stir in 90g raisins and 65g choped nuts (optional.)
Bake in a greased 2lb loaf tin for 1hr at 180C / 350F/ gas4.
Sorry about the mixed measurements, that's just how I work!

Hazellnut Wed 03-Aug-05 20:35:06

Dizzymama I second Loz Kelly !! A friend of mine bought it for me when I was about to wean and said 'throw away Annabel Karmel' and use this its so much easier..... which it is, I do still use Karmel's book now and then but find the Lorraine Kelly recipes soooo easy and dd scoffs them down (but then she seems to eat anything).

Surfermum Wed 03-Aug-05 21:01:30

I didn't really like Annabelle Karmel's recipies. I found them a bit too fiddly and complicated for my culinary skills (or lack of). I used Sara Lewis's "The Baby and Toddler Cookbook and Meal Planner" and it was great. All the recipies were easy to do, mostly putting it all in a saucepan. I used it loads and there wasn't a thing that dd wouldn't eat (those were the days!).

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