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Shadows of the Wind - spoilers present

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Jillyk Fri 01-Jul-05 14:52:48

Spykid and I thought we'd start a new thread for those of us ready to start discussing Shadows of the Wind.

I really enjoyed the book, found it hard to put down. Guessed about half way through that Lain Coubert was probably Julian but that didn't spoil things for me.

spykid Mon 18-Jul-05 10:12:59

I thought it was a real page turner, and not something thatI would usually choose to read. I was pleasantly surprised!
Found it hard going in the beginning, following the names of the characters, but I am glad I kept going.
I thoiught that Julians story was really tragic, and although I and guessed he was Lain, like Jillyk, I did not guess that they would be brother and sister!
It really made you think aswell about the corruption in the police force at the time ,that was rather brutal.
In all loved it, and would re-read it.

Anyone else....Book club where are you?????
(reading Harry Potter I bet)

Fauve Mon 18-Jul-05 10:23:32

I liked it, was especially keen for the first three quarters of the book, then felt the ending was a bit of a disappointment TBH. But I'm often disappointed by endings, so maybe it's just me

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