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What books should I take on my holidays?

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lilibet Wed 29-Jun-05 12:36:32

I'm taking Great Expectations as I need to re read it for my degree, will be taking my book gruop choice which will probably be My Sister's Keeper and If This is a Man by Primo Levy, but would like some other suggestions.

I've loved The Quincunx, Prayer for Owen Meany, A Suitable Boy, Woman in White, Perfume, His Dark Materials and anythign by Jane Austen

I've really not enjoyed Lovely Bones, Angela's Ashes, A Boy Called It, and don't like Catherine Cookson type books

What would you suggest?

QueenEagle Wed 29-Jun-05 12:45:59

How about autobiographies?

bakedpotato Wed 29-Jun-05 12:48:08

some good ideas on this

Ameriscot2005 Wed 29-Jun-05 12:49:08

I like to read non-fiction books on holiday, as I find they are easier to manage with lots of distractions.

If I read a novel, it would be something from a series so that I wouldn't have to get "into" it - such as an Inspector Rebus story by Ian Rankin.

tassis Wed 29-Jun-05 13:06:26

Ben Elton's new book, Past Mortem is supposed to be great.

I really liked Kate Atkinson's Case History.

Dan Brown?

Do you like historical fiction? HAve you read the other bolyn Girl?

A sudoku book if you like puzzles?

My Sister's Keeper and If this is a Man are both fantastic books.

Mojomummy Wed 29-Jun-05 21:04:28

Hi, I recently returned from our 2 weeks hols & read 'Tis by Frank Mccourt ( 5 years after reading Angelas Ashes), Call Me Elizabeth by Dawn Annandale - true story about a mother who turns to prostitution to clear her family's debts & still reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali

Thoroughly enjoyed them all having not read a book for almost a year

christie1 Wed 29-Jun-05 23:30:08

Try A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews and why not try some Graham Greene ( I see you like the classics), try Travels with my Aunt is very good (or anything by him) and puts you in the travel mood.

likklemum Wed 29-Jun-05 23:54:48

I just finished Past Mortem by Ben Elton and it is great. Easy to read and witty. You can read it with no effort and is ideal to pick up and carry on each time your on the beach.

Blu Thu 30-Jun-05 00:05:58

Case Histories, Kate Atkinson, Brick Lane, Monica Ali.

moondog Thu 30-Jun-05 00:12:48

Anything by Tim Moore (travel stuff, although inclined to think it's a bit weird to be in one place and be reading about another,despite the fact it's always what I end up doing!)

kama Thu 30-Jun-05 00:14:00

Message withdrawn

lilibet Thu 30-Jun-05 09:13:46

I really enjoyed The Other Bolyen Girl. Have only read one Grahame Greene, I may have a look for some.

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