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A really funny book

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christie1 Wed 29-Jun-05 02:52:13

I just read " and God Created the Au Pair" and never laughed so hard. It's 2 sister emailing each other and their lives, kids, hubbies, friends. One is in London, the other in Canada. I live now in canada so could really relate to the comments about canadians. But, the stuff they say, or dare to say, that we all think in situations, God, I am still laughing just thinking about it. And, since I have thought and done alot of what they go through, it felt good to laugh it out. LIke sitting around with a good friend and a good cup of tea ( or whatever you like to drink) and just letting it all out. IF you havent had a good smile in a while, get this book.

suzywong Wed 29-Jun-05 05:20:10

Sounds good, who wrote it?

christie1 Wed 29-Jun-05 23:24:48

2 real life sisters-Benedicte Newland and Pascale Smets. Published by harper collins if that helps.

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