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Guernsey potato peel literary thing = looks shit but is rather good

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InterruptingKid Sun 08-Nov-09 18:17:52

soignore the whimsy and buy

TheFoosa Sun 08-Nov-09 19:02:28

is indeed rather good, I thought it might be in the stylee of Alexander McCall Smith but was quietly surprised

Horton Sun 08-Nov-09 19:04:24

I really liked it too, and didn't expect to. I only bought it because it was cheap in Sainsburys and I'd run out of books.

InterruptingKid Sun 08-Nov-09 19:42:45

yes but v good

elliephant Sun 08-Nov-09 19:47:26

Yes got this as a gift last christmas and only read recently when I had nothing else. Suprisingly good.

PutDown Mon 09-Nov-09 20:51:00

Read it last year as I like anything to do with the war.Thought it very good.

CDMforever Mon 09-Nov-09 20:55:15

OOHH! This is the next choice for my book group so glad to hear its good! Does look a bit twee!

Tn0g Mon 09-Nov-09 20:56:46


Very good.

Lilymaid Mon 09-Nov-09 21:02:36

I didn't like it much though it might be OK for a holiday read (if you go to Guernsey). I'm probably a bit too much of stickler for historical accuracy but I can't warm to unlikely descriptions of people being wined and dined and showered with flowers in London in 1946 (hot house flowers when Europe was starving?)

Oumasrusks Tue 10-Nov-09 14:53:17

I really enjoyed this book too.

pyjamalama Tue 10-Nov-09 14:58:52

I really disliked it. It seemed to me to be very light fiction based on a really horrible traumatic period of history. And as Lilymaid says, a lot of it just didn't ring true.

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