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What is your DH reading atm?

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Caz10 Sun 01-Nov-09 14:13:28

DH reads utter tripe, Andy McNab and so on. I am on a campaign to get him to read a bit more widely and he is open to suggestion but I'm not sure where to start with books that guys would like, mine are all very relationshipy!
Any suggestions appreciated!

NoBiggy Sun 01-Nov-09 14:14:50

A Haynes manual, probably.

BoneYard Sun 01-Nov-09 14:15:12

Mansfield Park at the mo...

...that wasn't much help was it?

FritesMenthe Sun 01-Nov-09 14:16:06

DH tends to read sporting biographies and Philip Pullman fantasy type stuff. Also Sherlock Holmes and some American crime/detective novels.

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Sun 01-Nov-09 14:16:24

Around The Shipping Forecast, can't remember exactly what it is called, he has lined up next Driving Over Lemons.

purepurple Sun 01-Nov-09 14:18:00

He isn't.
He might read the tv mag if he has to.
Or Delia if he needs to find out how to cook something.
But books? No

FritesMenthe Sun 01-Nov-09 14:18:40

Driving over lemons is a bit more intersting than the usual peter Mayle blah blah - there's about three in the series IIRC.

Caz10 Sun 01-Nov-09 14:19:46

aaah mansfield park, can we swap BoneYard?!

FritesMenthe he might go for the American stuff - any good authors?

tethersend Sun 01-Nov-09 14:21:21

The instructions for a microwave meal.

And his lips are moving.


seeker Sun 01-Nov-09 14:22:07

Something black, with a gun, or possibly a helicopter, and a multicoloured flash on the cover.

I can't complain - I'm reading something pastel coloured with gold embossing on it.

My ds could be sent to get Mummy's book or Daddy's book at 18 months!

Katisha Sun 01-Nov-09 14:24:30

DH takes the same Bill Bryson book on holiday with him every time and never opens it.
It's how we know we are on holiday.

FritesMenthe Sun 01-Nov-09 14:28:45

He likes Robert B Parker's 'Spencer' novels, but there are plenty of more popular authors (more the blood and guns variety) whose names escape me.

Just peeped at the bookshelf - several Ian Fleming's Bond novels.

My reading group just read The Seventhh Scroll by Wilbur Smith, which is in the Indiana Jones vein.

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 14:33:40

The Book Of Dave - I have no idea what it is about though, or what kind of book it is.

hannahsaunt Sun 01-Nov-09 14:47:59

Dh doesn't do fiction. In fact, he only seems to do (auto)biographies. (I tell a lie - the exception to the rule was proved as he worked his way through Harry Potter on the instruction of ds1). He's reading Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father at the moment.

hannahsaunt Sun 01-Nov-09 14:48:39

He also liked Malcom Gladwell's Blink.

cookielove Sun 01-Nov-09 14:52:00

Dp reads alot of sci fi crap, er will go check what he is reading now

'the way between the worlds' by Ian Irvine

pointyhat Sun 01-Nov-09 14:53:18

My dh doesn't read for pleasure. Not his thing.

Why are you on a campign to make yours read more? I cannot think of a good motive.

spudmasher Sun 01-Nov-09 14:55:17

Blind Faith- Ben Elton. Bleak vision of the future.He love it.

KurriKurri Sun 01-Nov-09 14:57:27

Mine doesn't do fiction really either, at the moment he's reading a book called Quantum, which he says is about the golden age of physics, a History of the Scottish borders, and Alan Davies autobiography.

He'll also listen to Ian Rankin books on audiotape in the car.

My grown up son has recently finished The boy in Striped Pyjamas, and I think he's reading something by Joseph Conrad at the moment. He's also very keen on Richard Dawkins' books.

alana39 Sun 01-Nov-09 14:59:25

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, Perfume by Patrick Suskind (sp?) - both things we've read in my book club over the last year which I liked but most of the women said were blokes' books. They are very well written but really easy to read as well. And a mix of funny and quite poor taste. Am trying to get my DH to read - instead of books about scalextrix or the playmobil catalogue hmm

moshchops Sun 01-Nov-09 15:00:00

Fishing magazines and fishing catalogues, its all about fishing ... pah

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 15:01:48

My dp liked Perfume. His favourite books are:
A Clockwork Orange
Catch 22
John Updike's Rabbit series
The Mayor Of Casterbridge

cyanarasamba Sun 01-Nov-09 15:05:32

Matter - Ian M Banks

He only does scifi <sigh>

seeker Sun 01-Nov-09 15:14:17

Ohh I love RobertB Parker's Spencer books too, whoever said their dp reads them. They are SOOO not boys only books - give them a try!

(one of my favourite pasta recipes is one that Spencer made in one of the books!)

seeker Sun 01-Nov-09 15:15:35

Why are you on a campign to make yours read more? I cannot think of a good motive."

Because, as Jeremy hardy says, women regard men as work in progress!

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