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Alice Walker - any fans? opinions?

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justgaveup Mon 19-Oct-09 23:08:16

I LOVE The Colour Purple, one of my fav ever books and the film too!

Last week I listened to a BBC podcast of an interview with Alice Walker and while it was interesting I didn't warm to her at all.

I've just finished a book by her called 'The way forward is with a broken heart' and it was awful, really hard work and didn't like it.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on her as an author?

deaconblue Tue 20-Oct-09 20:42:11

I loved her with a passion when I was in my early 20's, haven't read much since. Possessing the Secret of Joy (think that's the title, was a long time ago) is the sort of sequel to the Color Purple and is very powerful (but a bit disturbing too). Have you read any Toni Morrison? amazing writer

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