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Noel Coward Fans - can you help me find this poem?

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Southwestwhippet Mon 19-Oct-09 17:29:11

I heard it on the radio, I think it is by Noel Coward. I don't know the title for certain but the principle line in the poem is

"I've got to go out and be social"

It deals with the stresses and strains of having to go out and meet people and generally be nice to them. Very funny and it totally registered with me wink

I've searched the internet and my DP and I have both bought Noel Coward poetry books in an effort to track it down but so far failed to locate it. Does anyone know it or be able to sign post me to a copy?


paranoidmother Mon 19-Oct-09 21:46:11

I think it was from the show "The Girl who came to supper" and is a a song called 'I've been invited to a party'.

I may be wrong but I have a recollection of this.

Southwestwhippet Wed 21-Oct-09 12:12:08

Sounds possible grin

I don't suppose you know where there is an online version so I can check before i buy?

Thanks everso much!

paranoidmother Wed 21-Oct-09 13:05:11

No I haven't been able to find a copy but have asked a friend who's a big Noel Coward fan. There is a couple of Noel Coward fan sites that might be worth a try

Southwestwhippet Thu 22-Oct-09 21:35:49

Thanks, I would love to track it down! Very kind of you to ask your friend, would make my day if she knew grin

thedollyridesout Thu 22-Oct-09 22:23:23

page 53 of Noel Coward In his own words

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