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Hugh Walpole - Rogue Herries etc - worth reading or pile of dated crap?

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nighbynight Thu 15-Oct-09 19:56:30

I picked up a 1930s copy of Rogue Herries in a car boot sale recently (have blanket policy of buying all english language books except Stephen King and Jeffrey Archer).

The first few pages didnt grab me. Has anyone (or anyone's mother) read it and what is your verdict?

JeffVadar Fri 16-Oct-09 15:22:30

Defintely donate it back to a jumble sale, it doesn't get any better.

It was ages ago I tried to read it, but I only got past the first two chapters before I realised that I could spend my time more profitably reading something else.

nighbynight Fri 16-Oct-09 20:37:08

I was familiar with the dark green covers from small childhood, as my mother had it on the shelf, and I always thought that I would read it when I got older. Am so disappointed!

MadBadAndWieldingAnAxe Sat 17-Oct-09 23:22:45

I'm disappointed too! I've always intended to read it, solely because it was mentioned in a Monty Python sketch.

lyndysue Sat 17-Oct-09 23:28:05

My mother suggested I read this when I was about 18 as I had been reading far too many crappy Danielle Steele's. I too never got past the first couple of chapters blush.

nighbynight Sun 18-Oct-09 08:41:07

Oh well, I'll keep it out of nostalgia then! It obviously appealed to our parents generation.

I used to read total crap when I was 18 too. Am just working my way through the classics, and loving them - in my 40s!

Pogleswood Sun 18-Oct-09 14:43:01

I did read these,four of them which I think was the whole Rogue Herries series,when I was at school,and I did like them,but Rogue Herries itself wasn't my favorite.Can't remember which was,it's a while ago now!
I'd been thinking about rereading them recently,so must see if I can track them down.

nighbynight Sun 18-Oct-09 21:53:47

Ah, a positive opinion at last! Are they Jeffrey Farnol type stuff?

Pogleswood Sun 18-Oct-09 22:36:42

I've never heard of Jeffrey Farnol,but have just Googled,and if he is Georgette Heyerish,then no,not as far as I remember.I've been trying to think what they are similiar to - maybe The Forsyte Saga,or Poldark.It is a long time since I've read them - but I really liked them at the time.
(Actually they also seem linked with Wuthering Heights in my mind,but that may just be to do with the scenery!)
Sorry,this doesn't seem very helpful - but your post has definately made me want to read them again,and see what I think of them now.

PrincessFiorimonde Sun 18-Oct-09 23:14:49

I read the Rogue Herries series in my late teens and enjoyed them. I would put them in the Poldark camp (family sagas), tho' maybe a little more old-fashioned.

But I wouldn't bracket them with the Forsyte Saga (found the first book dreadfully dull and gave up on it).

I've read only one Jeffrey Farnol, which I think was more swashbuckling stuff (bit like Rafael Sabatini?).

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 18-Oct-09 23:39:12

I still have them! Read them years ago, and enjoyed them at the time. Bodice ripper stuff, like Poldark as I recall.

nighbynight Mon 19-Oct-09 18:05:00

Ive never read Poldark or the Forsyte Saga (another title familiar from my mother's bookshelf though)

Rafael Sabatini is another name from the past. I think my mother read all these books when she was at boarding school in teh War.

redsky Mon 19-Oct-09 18:14:32

This was in our house for years when I was a child and I did eventually read it - and absolutely loved it.

Pogleswood Tue 20-Oct-09 07:24:20

Well,nighbynight,perhaps you should read them all - that should keep you going for quite some time! (there are 12 books in the Poldark series ,I think,and 3 with 2 linked trilogies in the Forsyte

PrincessFiorimonde Tue 20-Oct-09 23:24:17

Nighbynight, maybe we had the same mother, as it was indeed she who recommended Sabatini to me - tho', much as he swashed his buckle, his books really weren't my cup of tea (tho' from him I did pick up the vital knowledge that 'trepan' can mean kidnap).

Do try Poldark and Rogue Herries - tho', as Pogleswood suggests, it's a bit of an investment in terms of time...

Have fun! smile

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