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Really really struggling with Mr Whicher

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wheresclaire Fri 02-Oct-09 21:07:44

Really don't know if I can complete this. Its like reading a history book, its A'levels all over again. I stupidly thought that it was fiction based on a true story. If I skip to the end will it tell me who the killer was? Almost half way through, does it get any better?

wingandprayer Fri 02-Oct-09 21:11:57

No, not really. I didn't think it was as good as all the blurb made out. I love biographies and historical stuff so thought it would be right up my street, but I thought it was dry and dull. There's a sort of vaguely spooky twist right at the end, but it's a a long time coming.

TheFoosa Fri 02-Oct-09 21:14:17

no, your judgement of it is correct, it's not very good

I wasted a week and £7 on it

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 02-Oct-09 21:17:44

I was cross that it wasn't a novel - it looked like it was, and the blurb didn't make it clear at all that it was non-fiction.

However once I got passed that, I quite enjoyed it, as a history of detectives and therefore the basis for crime fiction.

But ultimately lacked satisfaction as you never do find out who did it.

tattycoram Fri 02-Oct-09 21:20:13

Not really. I thought it was quite boring. There was another book, very similair but much much better about a murder in Balham (I think) in the nineteenth century, but I can't remember what it was called <useless>

TheFoosa Fri 02-Oct-09 21:22:00

don't tease us tattycoram

wheresclaire Fri 02-Oct-09 21:22:28

WHAT??? You dont find out who did it??????? Then whats the bloody point?????!!!!!

Lemontea Fri 02-Oct-09 21:25:14

I gave up after about 50 pages.
Now I don't have to feel guilty or think about trying again grin

VicarInaBooTu Fri 02-Oct-09 22:02:33

yep - id advise stopping while youve still got some brain cells left. boring boring boring and i managed to get to the end - it seriously wasnt worth it!

janeite Fri 02-Oct-09 23:40:12

It gets worse - the first half is actually pretty good in comparison to the second half. Give up now!

tattycoram Sat 03-Oct-09 08:01:48

grin. It came to me this morning.Death at the Priory. Also a true story, but a really good read

traceybath Sat 03-Oct-09 08:06:37

Oh no - bloody ordered this yesterday and its on its way.

Ceasnake Sat 03-Oct-09 22:53:40

Erm... surely you do find out who did it? There's a confession! I think the confusion lies in the theory that there might have been an accomplice.

I actually thought it was pretty interesting but agree that it tails off in the second half.

Hassled Sat 03-Oct-09 22:55:53

I think it's pretty clear whodunnit by the end.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 03-Oct-09 23:02:59

I struggled through to the end because I wanted to find out whodunnit.

All I found was an overwhelming sense of disappointment as in...


Yes you find out who dunnit but in a really crap way, not because of some major detective work.

Duritzfan Tue 20-Oct-09 16:34:23

OMG this was the worst book in the world .. I wanted to burn the damn thing !!

LilianGish Tue 20-Oct-09 16:39:11

I loved it - but personally I'd never waste time reading a book I wasn't enjoying. So many more books out there and you'll never read them all so don't waste time on one you don't like (unless it's an A level set text or something like that!)

VictoriousSponge Tue 20-Oct-09 16:39:33

oh it was DULL
igave up

MrsJohnDeere Tue 20-Oct-09 16:48:00

I gave up after about 100 pages.

PrincessFiorimonde Wed 21-Oct-09 23:04:28

Haven't read Mr Whicher, but did read about it. The plot reminded me of a historical novel I read a long time ago - 'Charlotte', by Norah Lofts, which I guess she based on the actual case.

I no longer have the book, so don't know if it's stood the test of time - a more lightweight read, for sure. Too lightweight for many tastes, perhaps.

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