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Radio 4 Book at Bedtime

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frostyfingers Mon 21-Sep-09 12:34:35

Does it drive anyone else mad that the Book At Bedtime serialises new books, some not yet published, some only in hardbook. They're doing it with William Boyd's new book at the moment, just done it with William Trevor.....

Once I've heard it on the radio I don't really want to read it. I turn the radio off if I remember but it's usually what I listen to in the bath.

On the other hand, they've done some more older, obscure (to me, anyway) fiction and it's been brill - opened up new authors.

JeffVadar Mon 21-Sep-09 16:28:33

If it's a book that I am looking forward to reading then yes, I agree with you. I much prefer to wait and read it myself.

However, there are a few books that I have quite enjoyed hearing on B at B but which I would never have bothered reading myself.

I often miss the last 5 mins of each episode, though, as I am prone to drop off when listening to a soothing radio voice blush.

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