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Ultimate poolside read?

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Steala Sun 20-Sep-09 10:05:55

I've just been given the opportunity to spend a whole day reading by a pool and I can't wait!

What I am hoping for is an easyish read that will get me thinking/change my life or way of thinking for ever.... I'm not asking much!

Has anyone got any ideas? My taste is fairly eclectic but I am so tired at the moent that I can't see myself making it through anything heavy.

moondog Sun 20-Sep-09 10:10:26

I'd read this
Don't lets go to the dogs tonight

You could get through most of it in a day, it's an easy read, compelling and very funny but will grip you and shake you to the core. Amazing book.I read it in one sitting.

Steala Sun 20-Sep-09 10:20:18

That is exactly the sort of thing I want. Thank you.

Any other suggestions?

moondog Sun 20-Sep-09 11:01:37

Call the midwife is also fascinating,the memoirs of a woman working in the East End in the 50s.

Steala Mon 21-Sep-09 17:38:51

I bought your first suggestion today. Thanks!

CheerfulYank Mon 21-Sep-09 17:48:00

I really like Eat Pray Love. I don't know about soul shaking, but it gave mine a little nudge at least.

moondog Mon 21-Sep-09 17:49:32

Let me know what you think Steala.
Enjoy the peace too!

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