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Good books on conception, not pregnancy-I need to work up to that!!

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randomtask Wed 16-Sep-09 14:40:58

Does anybody know a good book to tell me about conception as in what DH and I should be doing (apart from the obvious wink), eating, not eating, etc?

I know what I've read on the net (often of course that makes you worry as it's rarely a 'professional') but would like something that is easily set out and that would make sense to DH. It's amazing that he already has DSS as he doesn't seem to understand anything!!

Thank you!!

Sunshinemummy Wed 16-Sep-09 14:48:29

I used Zita West's book and it was really helpful. Here

hanaflowerhatestheDM Wed 16-Sep-09 14:58:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

randomtask Wed 16-Sep-09 15:14:29

Thank you. I'd seen Zita West's one so maybe that's the one for me. My local library didn't have any books but said they'd order one in if I knew what I wanted!

Arsed Wed 16-Sep-09 15:16:45

Both zita west and taking charge of your fertility are worth a read

randomtask Wed 16-Sep-09 15:21:52

Excellent-I'll see if I can order them both. Was trying to explain to DH last night how my tummy had felt like 'something' was happening (came off the pill 4 days ago) but he didn't really understand and I didn't know how to explain it!

Just want something simple as the more I google the more insane I feel and I know it's silly.

2to3 Wed 16-Sep-09 15:22:44

Taking care of your fertility is THE book - several of my friends, and I, got pregnant by using the charting method and benefited loads from all the advice and information in it. And it's useful for birth control after you've finished having babies too wink

2to3 Wed 16-Sep-09 15:23:51

That would be 'taking charge- doh.

WestYorkshireGirl Mon 19-Oct-09 19:53:49

Hi. I am trying TTC and wondered how much the new MN Book on Pregnancy had on conception? It feels a bit silly to buy a book when I am not actually pregnant - almost as if buying it will jinx it which is totally irrational I know! Thanks

BeckyBook Tue 20-Oct-09 17:53:10

By far the best is 'The Natural Way To Better Babies' by Francesca Naish. She has written a whole series, ranging from 'Natural Fertility' to "The Natural Way To Better Breastfeeding and Bonding'.
They are published in Australia so you probably won't them in the local Waterstones but should be able to get them online.

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