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Novel suitable for age 11/12, with an animal welfare/Science/Frankenstein theme?!

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CarrieG Thu 02-Jun-05 13:55:43

I've been teaching English to Year 7 using a novel called 'The Monster Garden' for the last few years - it's about a girl who grows her own monster from a blob of cells stolen from her father's lab (he's a scientist working on genetic engineering).

The set of books is now extremely tatty, we're down to one between two & it's a bit dated - can anyone suggest something a little more up-to-date with a similar theme? Would prefer not to scrap all the other resources we've spent years developing to go with the scheme of work, so it'd be extremely useful to be able to slot a more contemporary novel into the scheme as a reader...

aloha Thu 02-Jun-05 13:57:48

I loved John Wyndham Sci-fi books at that age - The Day of the Triffids/The Chrysalids and things like that. However, as I am an aged parent I don' t think they could be called contemporary novels...

phucknuckle Thu 02-Jun-05 14:09:24

The Rats Of Nimh? About rats that escape from a laboratory due to their super-intellingense.

phucknuckle Thu 02-Jun-05 14:10:14

Unlike mine.

<<clears throat>> Right.


Iklboo Thu 02-Jun-05 14:13:12

That was one of my favourite books when I was 11 or so. The rats of Nimh was brilliant.

CarrieG Thu 02-Jun-05 14:16:45

Um...this is the scheme that evolved from the 'Rats of Nimh' scheme!

We still use extracts from it...

phucknuckle Thu 02-Jun-05 14:19:09


I am only a reader, not a teacher, so didn't really know what you meant by that. I do now though.

sorrel Thu 02-Jun-05 14:32:10

what about the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman?

CarrieG Thu 02-Jun-05 15:40:47

Good idea but too long & too inaccessible to less able readers! Colleague of mine is actually doing a scheme for the first one for top set Year 8 but Year 7 are in mixed-ability groups (ie. a good quarter of them can barely read...)

Pity as I think it's great myself...but I'm looking for something of c. 120-150 pages & not too challenging...

LeahE Thu 02-Jun-05 15:46:58

Try posting on's Community forums -- you are bound to get some good suggestions there.

Oliviab Fri 03-Jun-05 13:15:06

How about The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer? Lots about living in harmony with parasites or whether to kill them - ethical issues, monsters, action and adventure. I've got a hb copy in excellent condition if you want it, £4 inc p&p.

CarrieG Fri 03-Jun-05 21:11:38

Sounds promising - will email you! Thanks!

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