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what film/book adaptations would you recommend?

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overthemill Mon 24-Aug-09 09:45:42

after getting a great recommendation about one of my favourite books being made into a film, I thought a new thread about this would be worth starting! Very often I can't bear to see a film of a book I loved but make an exception for:
a map of the world: Jane Hamilton book, film with Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore
but i warn you itt is harrowing and very sad

any others?

HumphreyCobbler Mon 24-Aug-09 09:47:35

The Piano

the book came after the film, was written by the director and writer of the film and filled in some of the back story.

I liked Cold Mountain, but lots of other folk hated the film.

yappybluedog Mon 24-Aug-09 09:58:51

Remains of The Day

Book & film both excellent

Twilight grin & New Moon looks very promising

overthemill Mon 24-Aug-09 16:05:40

any more?

janeite Mon 24-Aug-09 16:17:17

Haven't read The Piano but I loathed the film.

Sense And Sensibility - if you can cope with Emma Thompson being way too old.

About A Boy

Of Mice And Men with John Malcovich

shigella Mon 24-Aug-09 16:31:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZephirineDrouhin Mon 24-Aug-09 16:50:45

John Huston's The Dead is a completely brilliant adaptation of the James Joyce story. And Wise Blood - another John Huston film adapted from a Flannery O' Connor novel. David Lean's Great Expectations fabulous too.

Generally though I find it more comfortable seeing the film first and reading the book afterwards - avoids the terrible disappointment of characters not looking like they did in your head, and missing out on great chunks of plot and characterisation which seemed utterly crucial in the book.

janeite Mon 24-Aug-09 16:53:45

Frankenstein is fab - but I have never seen a decent film of it. The Kenneth B one is beyond awful.

midnightexpress Mon 24-Aug-09 16:58:31

I thought the Hours was a rather good adaptation of the book - esp Julianne Moore, who I thought was great. The book is good too.

gypsymoon Mon 24-Aug-09 16:59:20

'Bridges of Madison County' - I was a bit dubious but I bawled my eyes out. Watched the film with MIL and totally bonded.

steamedtreaclesponge Mon 24-Aug-09 17:01:38

I agree about The Hours - although I wasn't massively keen on the book or the film, I did think the film was a good adaptation.

I also really love both Pride & Prejudice adaptations - the BBC one and the more recent one, although I suspect I may be in the minority with the latter!

Generally I try and avoid film adaptations of books I'm very fond of, because they are never as good and I get really annoyed when films seem to pointlessly change the plot etc.

janeite Mon 24-Aug-09 17:02:35

I love the KK P&P and hate the BBC one - but deffo a minority on here!

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 24-Aug-09 17:05:49

I thought The Beach was a pretty good adaptation

HumphreyCobbler Mon 24-Aug-09 19:31:45

janite - you hated The Piano? shock

But we agree about everything else (you may not have noticed this grin). I even like the KK P&P best too...

I just don't understand how anyone can hate The Piano. Except for the cutting off finger bit, that is grim.

Overmydeadbody Mon 24-Aug-09 19:36:37

I tend to avoid film adaptations of books I have really enjoyed, but The Remains of the Day was very good.

janeite Mon 24-Aug-09 19:37:04

Sorry but yes, I really, really hated it. I thought it was pretentious and boring and I didn't like either of the main leads (forget who they were). Begs forgiveness.

lyraSilvertongue Mon 24-Aug-09 19:38:08

atonement. The book was, as always, better than the film, but both were very good.

CarmelitaMiggs Mon 24-Aug-09 19:55:43

Persuasion, the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds version

And the film of I Capture the Castle really caught the atmosphere of the book, unbelievably enough

Both books in my alltime top 10

undervalued Mon 24-Aug-09 20:21:46

I loved Persuaasion with Rupert whatsit whatsit - although I'm not sure if it was just because he was in it. North and South (by Elizabeth Gaskell)with Richard Arkright(sp?) was lovely too but again I think the male lead may have influenced me.....oh God - I've turned into an old letch hmm blush

francagoestohollywood Mon 24-Aug-09 20:27:54

I totally recommend Dangerous Liaisons both book and movie.

francagoestohollywood Mon 24-Aug-09 20:29:47

Sorry Humphrey, but I didn't like The Piano either sad

gypsymoon Mon 24-Aug-09 20:35:00

undervalued I could have written that post!

Cliched but will always feel that away about Colin Firth's Mr Darcy - heck I need a lie down....dizzy...

What is it about rude men in tight trousers - goodness....

undervalued Mon 24-Aug-09 20:41:12

It's the breeches and high neck thingies, high priciples and handsome good looks <<swoon>>
I'm so sorry to be so inarticulate today - seem to have lost half my brain while hoovering...

waitingfornemo Tue 25-Aug-09 15:36:13

I hated The Piano too, thought I was the only one!
I thought the film version of The End of the Affair (Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore) was really excellent - it made go back and re-read the book!

UnquietDad Tue 25-Aug-09 15:38:28

High Fidelity works very well. I'd expected to hate it but the relocation to Chicago is actually very effective.

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