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'Between Two Eternities' by Rosemary Kay, anyone have a copy I could borrow or buy??

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sparklymieow Fri 27-May-05 23:15:59

Seeing a message in the 'saddest book' thread reminded me that I want to read this book, I have searched Amazon and Ebay but noone has it, looked on Kellogo but it can't find it either, so can anyone lend me t or let me buy their copy of them???

giraffeski Fri 27-May-05 23:21:03

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 27-May-05 23:25:02

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 27-May-05 23:28:26

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Fri 27-May-05 23:37:20

thank for that, ordered it from Amazon, why couldnt I find it.....???

giraffeski Fri 27-May-05 23:40:34

Message withdrawn

Ellbell Sun 29-May-05 01:20:58

It was me that mentioned it on the 'saddest book' thread. Would be happy to lend it to you (get tissues at the ready) if you don't manage to get it by any other means. Just CAT me if Amazon doesn't come up with the goods!

sparklymieow Sun 29-May-05 09:05:31

ellbell Thanks I did order it from Amazon so it should be here soon. I will take you up on that offer if they fail to deliver.......

alexsmum Sun 29-May-05 10:06:21

haven't got the book but just wanted to add that this book was heartbreaking.sat and sobbed for about an hour after i had read it.dh was uqite alarmed! wouldn't reccommend it to anyone who is feeling in anyway fragile.

Pennies Sun 29-May-05 19:52:05

Truly the most amazing book - you will cry like you've never cried before.

The strength of Rosemary Kay and her husband is fantastic. Truly sad but incredibly uplifting at the same time.

Don't read if pregnant.

sparklymieow Sun 29-May-05 22:50:41

I'm not pregnant, but I did have three premature babies (36,31 and 33 weekers) so i guess I will cry...

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