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Goodnight Mr Tom <sob>

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RealityIsDetoxing Wed 19-Aug-09 09:24:10

Message withdrawn

Goblinchild Wed 19-Aug-09 09:26:24

The film was well done, so I'd risk it if I were you. smile

RealityIsDetoxing Wed 19-Aug-09 09:28:38

Message withdrawn

AramintaCane Wed 19-Aug-09 09:41:34

Brilliant book, one of my favorites of all time.

LouLovesAeroplaneJelly Wed 19-Aug-09 09:42:19

I love the book. Still have my year 8 copy that I treasure. I was not to fussed on the movie but I am glad I watched it.

I guess so she could go back to being the 'good little mother' that she wanted everyone to think that she was.

Michelle Mcgorian (sp) has written some other good WWII books (kids again) that I enjoyed.

RealityIsDetoxing Wed 19-Aug-09 09:55:28

Message withdrawn

kathyis6incheshigh Wed 19-Aug-09 09:56:33

I think she also felt threatened by him clearly being so happy at Mr Tom's.

RealityIsDetoxing Wed 19-Aug-09 09:58:43

Message withdrawn

Stigaloid Wed 19-Aug-09 10:06:53

I remember reading this at school and it being the first book i cried to. So good. And sad.

jeminthepantry Wed 19-Aug-09 10:07:15

I think the mum had quite bad mental health problems. The film made me sob.

MarmadukeScarlet Wed 19-Aug-09 10:22:27

I am now rereading all my childhood favourite books (ones that I can remember, my toxic mother threw away ALL my childhood toys, books and photos) and some I missed.

My DD and I are having some great discussions, as she is reading them too.

I love this book and thought the film was well done, I like Mr Thaw in this.

Both book and film make me sob.

modernlove Wed 19-Aug-09 10:23:58

We read this at primary school and I bought it a few years ago to read again. Love it. I also thought the film was well done.
Another book I liked by Michelle Magorian was Back Home.

Webme1 Wed 19-Aug-09 12:55:17

I have not had the pleasure of reading the book but I did watch the film. This is a film I would recommend. It is not a feel good film all the way through, but the storyline is good, John Thaw is believable in his role and the film makes for good watching. If the film is anything like the book, I would be inclined to read it.

nickelbabe Wed 19-Aug-09 13:08:12

the mum was a religious nut, but she was also extremely ill.
but because she didn't want anyone to know that she was ill, she carried on with her life, endangering her son and the new baby into the bargain.
it's a sad case of keeping up appearances.

also, the baby was most definitely born out of wedlock.

the film is good and well done, but it misses out soooooo much important back story (and actual story, come to that) that it's almost a different story altogether.
it's okay to watch the film after reading the book because youc an fill the background in, but never ever the other way round!

nickelbabe Wed 19-Aug-09 13:09:36

sorry, Webme1: please read the book!
i didn't really mean the don't do it that way round: you'll just have to approach it as a totally different sotry, because the film really does miss so much out.
you must read it.

PolarBear74 Wed 19-Aug-09 13:17:27

It is a wonderful story, we read it at primary school and I loved it and have always remembered it. Took me a long while to watch the film as I was worried about it spoiling my memories of the story but I wasn't disappointed as I felt they did a good job.

But as usual the book was definately better and worth a read to anyone who hasn't read it!

steamedtreaclesponge Wed 19-Aug-09 13:27:14

Oh I love this book too!

You should definitely try reading more of Michelle Magorian's books - A Little Love Song is my favourite.

PuppyLoves Wed 19-Aug-09 13:32:45

I love this book. Was one of the first books to touch me as a child, so much so I even made my mum read it! We watched the film together and we would both agree with nickelbabe, the films ok if you've read the book.

I also enjoyed back home.

troutpout Wed 19-Aug-09 15:46:00

Oh i read this to ds and couldn't read properly.. had a big lump in my throat and then couldn't see through the tears

Have never seen the film though...might rent it now

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 19-Aug-09 15:54:15

I really liked the film. I sobbed at both book and film.

BitOfFun Wed 19-Aug-09 16:08:46

I've got the movie on DVD Reality, I'll put it in the post for you. You will cry again grin

BitOfFun Wed 19-Aug-09 16:44:54

Tis done- keep your trigger finger off Amazon!

RealityIsDetoxing Wed 19-Aug-09 17:21:51

Message withdrawn

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 19-Aug-09 17:27:54

We read at school when we were 10..... It upset me for weeks and has stayed with me ever since. Agree the film was very well done as well - I think it took me another 15-20 years to build up to watching it though sad

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