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I've just finished my first Jodi Piccoult book and loved it...

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dollybird Wed 12-Aug-09 22:24:36

it was Second Glance - what others would you recommend? tia

Disenchanted3 Wed 12-Aug-09 22:25:26

doesn't matter which, they are all the same


dollybird Wed 12-Aug-09 22:26:55

as in all great or all telling roughly the same story?

yappybluedog Wed 12-Aug-09 22:27:50

I thought 19 minutes (or is it 15 minutes?) & sister's keeper were the best

but they all follow the same structure

hiccymapops Wed 12-Aug-09 22:29:02

My sisters keeper was my favourite, i haven't liked any as much since.

Tidey Wed 12-Aug-09 22:29:41

Have to agree with Disenchanted. I do enjoy reading Picoult's books, but they have a very specific formula. The first one I read was My Sister's Keeper, which I thought was really good, so I read The Pact straight after it, and got an strange sense of familiarity. As soon as you read another of hers you'll recognise that they are all very similar.

PlumBumMum Wed 12-Aug-09 22:29:47

I've just read Vanishing Act
does she write all her books a chapter from each character?

GeneHunt Wed 12-Aug-09 22:30:13

I loved Second Glance too but agree that they are all the same. Good holiday reads though.

Tidey Wed 12-Aug-09 22:31:55

Having said that though, I'd still recommend Plain Truth.

feedthegoat Wed 12-Aug-09 22:37:19

I agree with others that they all tend to follow the same formula but I've still enjoyed most of them. My Sisters keeper is probably my favourite.

MaggieBelleVirgo Wed 12-Aug-09 23:13:41

I don't think they're all the same. They all revolve around a sympathetic character and there is always a lawyer, and a moral or ethical dilema. They are far less formulaic than a John Grisham, which I've also read bucket loads of!!

my favourite JP was Salem Falls.
Least favourite was my sister's keeper. felt duped at the end of that one. like the victim of a confidence trickster. interestingly i see that the film has been hollywooded up to remove that ending; that leaves the reader so unsettled,duped, shocked.

CurlyCasper Sat 15-Aug-09 20:29:23

often a good insight to another culture - Plain Truth was my first and best

frasersmummy Sat 15-Aug-09 20:35:28

The first one I read was a change of heart was absolutely brilliant

I followed with second glance which was completely different not just as good but still really good

BikeRunSki Sat 15-Aug-09 21:00:29

I liked Plain Truth best, and My Sister's Keeper. They are very formulaic though, but that doesn't mean that they are no good.

BettySwollux Sat 15-Aug-09 21:38:48

Have just finished Salem Falls, which I really enjoyed.
Vanishing acts, not so much.
Favorites are Plain Truth and My Sisters Keeper.

Couldnt read them back to back, as they are the same kinda formula, sympathetic character, a big 'oh no, how terrible' and a court case.
I have Change Of Heart to read, but will read a couple of other authors in between.

(I was also gutted at the end of Sister's Keeper, Maggie. Am planning to watch the film soon, have they completely changed it? I hate it when that happens).

Pwsimerimew Sat 15-Aug-09 21:45:21

I'm a fan too!
Just read "Handle with care" - enjoyed it but was lwt down with the ending ( always looking for happy ever after)
Couldn't get into her first novel though...."song of the humpback whale" - too complicated for a simplton like me!)

CurlyCasper Mon 17-Aug-09 13:22:12

oh - just remembered Tenth Circle - still has legal case etc, but something quite different too!

Claire2301 Mon 17-Aug-09 13:28:39

Change of Heart and Plain Truth are the ones I enjoyed most.

choppychopster Mon 17-Aug-09 13:40:43

I've read 19 Minutes and The Pact and enjoyed them both, although found them quite similar. I started the one about ghost hunters, but gave up not far into it as I found the whole supernatural aspect quite tedious.

Have seen the film of My Sister's Keeper and it's not very good. It's basically been engineered to make you cry the whole way through(whole cinema full of women left with puffy, red eyes and mascara-streaked cheeks), but not actually put together very well.

Ewe Mon 17-Aug-09 13:42:18

You could try Anita Shreve too, I find she has a similar style, strange fits of passion is very good - it's about domestic violence. Testimony was also a good read.

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