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If I can't stand Harry Potter would I hate Twilight?

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CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 12-Aug-09 17:48:06

I REALLY can't stand Harry Potter in any shape or form - book or film. Have tried it, didn't get it. Assumed that adults who love it missed out on reading Enid Blyton as a child and Discworld as a teenager!

Am still not immune to a bit of sci-fi/fantasy though and have heard so many good things about the Twilight series. Was tempted to buy the series recently as saw a good deal online, but I haven't even read any excerpts. you think I would love it or hate it?

LightShinesInTheDarkness Wed 12-Aug-09 18:05:09

You might like Twilight,its really nothing like Harry Potter.
If you go to the WH Smith Kids section, Twilight are on Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Wed 12-Aug-09 18:05:28

I think its very different from Harry Potter but whether that means you'd love it or hate it I have no idea. Totally different story, setting, etc.

I love HP and I liked Twilight - but not as much as HP. By the way I read every Blyton book going when I was a kid and all of Discworld when a teenager. grin

pointydog Wed 12-Aug-09 18:09:56

It's a bit teen angsty.

I enjoyed the film but couldn't imagine reading the books.

bruffin Wed 12-Aug-09 18:35:32

Love Harry Potter (and read enid blyton as a child but never read Discworld as it doesn't appeal to me)

Read Twilight and found it boring, nothing happens!

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 12-Aug-09 18:36:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion Wed 12-Aug-09 18:44:47

I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn atm (the last one in the series), I'm not entirely sure why as to be honest they are a bit pants. Easy holiday reading I guess.

The concept is excellent, as are some of the characters, but honestly she (Stephanie Meyers) does bang on and on about certain things (Edward's stone cold lips for example, if I've read it once that he's got cold lips I've read it a hundred times ENOUGH ALREADY he is cold. I get it)

Having lurked on the feminism thread I'm starting to get slightly alarmed at how much of a giant wuss Bella is, but maybe I am overthinking this.

Yes, that is the secret, do not overthink the Twilight series and it's a perfectly enjoyable, easy read.

Slubberdegullion Wed 12-Aug-09 18:47:01

sorry, not really your question. It's much more about teenage luuuurve, sexual tension, feeling guilty and cold lips than HP. There's not really any magical stuff until the last one.

pointydog Wed 12-Aug-09 20:05:54

The books are for for teenagers, slubs. If my 13 year ol d is anything to go by, they are irresisitably drawn to repeating teh same tiresome thing over and over and over

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 12-Aug-09 22:15:34

sigh See, a long time ago, I could easily have gotten into the whole teenage luuuurve, sexual tension and angsty vampire kind of thing. It would have been just my thang. However, at 36, thinking it over and reading the replies, I imagine that I would be rolling my eyes at such silliness.

Perhaps I am just PAST IT. grin I used to love the film the Lost Boys when I was aged around 20, thought it was really cool and funny. I tried watching it the other day and the eye-rolling started in earnest and I had to turn it off. I think I am just too grown up and sensible now. grin

If I want a good bit of yearning and angst I think a re-read of Jane Eyre would suit me better.

Maybe that's all I'm after - I'm yearning after a bit of yearning. I loved the Time Traveller's Wife for that reason I think.

Could anyone suggest any other yearning, angsty type of books that isn't written for teenagers? smile

Bubble74 Wed 12-Aug-09 23:15:24

I have read all Harry potters & all twilight series both very different but equally as good.

TrillianAstra Wed 12-Aug-09 23:19:33

Book for children vs book for wangsty teen girls. Different aim/different world.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 12-Aug-09 23:27:03

Well, what they HAVE got in common is that they are not aimed specifically at adults but have been popular amongst some of the adult population.

Maybe I'm just trying to find out if there's something I'm missing somewhere.....

Tortington Wed 12-Aug-09 23:27:42

i hate potter - love twighlight love LOTR

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 12-Aug-09 23:30:15

I'll stop whittering on now and get the first Twilight book then I think.

I find LOTR ploddy BTW.

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